How To Use Social Media To Reach Pregnant Women Considering Adoption

This guest post is by Faith Getz Rousso, an adoptee and adoption attorney.

I am an adoption attorney who concentrates on private independent adoption in the state of New York. That is relevant because in the State of New York, along with approximately 41 other states, there are laws that regulate of use of intermediaries or facilitators (those who bring together prospective adoptive parent(s)/ with expectant parent(s)).

In some states like New York and in the District of Columbia, only a licensed agency, parent, legal guardian or birth relative can place/make a match or adoption.  Other states restrict the “matching” to agencies or attorneys when compensation is involved for making the match. 

In the state of New York and other states, if you would like to adopt a child you must use a New York licensed adoption agency to connect with an expectant mother or work with an adoption attorney to guide you through the independent adoption process of adopting.

There are some agencies that will permit you to locate a child yourself and the agency will process the adoption.

When you shoulder the responsibility of locating an expectant mother that is considering adoption, there is a process that will ultimately put your information in front her and give her an opportunity to consider your family for her baby.   Continue reading