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Phone: 330-725-5521
Where we live: , Ohio
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: Biological son, Simon, age 5
Pets: one indoor cat

We’re so glad you’re here! We are thrilled at the prospect of growing our family and are praying for you and your pregnancy, that the Lord will bless you and keep you (Numbers 6:24-26) as you navigate the road of adoption. We hope this brief profile helps you envision life in our home, as best as pen and paper can. We would love the opportunity to meet you in person and share more about our family!

About Us

We met as college students almost 12 years ago after being introduced through mutual friends and both had the feeling and hope from the beginning that this was it. Having just celebrated our 10-year anniversary, we have been through some significant challenges together, including a year-long deployment to Afghanistan while serving in the Army and several long distant moves. We have also been blessed with the indescribable privilege of parenting our now 5-year-old biological son, Simon, after undergoing extensive infertility treatments. Since then, we’ve pursued various treatment options and have been unsuccessful. Through the highs and the lows, our commitment to each other has remained steadfast, and we rejoice to observe that our relationship now is stronger than it has ever been. We are united in our core values – our Christian faith, family, hard work, and humility, as well as our love of life-long learning, good books, family read aloud time over dinner, and getaways to cabins in the woods.

About Brittany (Written by Nate)

Brittany loves being a wife and mother and cares deeply about her family. She is thoughtful, kind, attentive, loyal, and funny. She takes great interest in making experiences special, whether it be the developing and maintaining of yearly family traditions or the nightly ritual of family dinner. Brittany is attentive to details. We often remark how our differences complement each other, and of the two, Brittany is certainly the detail person, which is good for us all or we would much less frequently show up where we’re supposed to be, with what we’re supposed to have, anywhere near the intended time.

About Nate (Written by Brittany)

Nate is the most selfless, hard working person I have ever met. He always puts the needs of others above his own and you’d be hard-pressed to find him complaining about anything. He is the first to jump in and help without being asked and without expecting any recognition. He is introspective but also outgoing with those he’s close to. He regularly expresses his appreciation and gratefulness for my work at home. He takes great joy in being a husband and a father and makes it of utmost priority to spend as much time as possible with his family. He is a great encourager and leads our family with humility and strength, but never takes himself too seriously.

About Simon

It is hard to remember our family before Simon was a part of it. His smile lights up a room! He is an energetic 5 year old who is compassionate, empathetic, funny, smart, caring, outgoing, talkative, and loves meeting new people. He loves playing all sports and prefers to spend most of his time outdoors in nature with his family. Another favorite activity of his is reading together, which we have made a point to incorporate into our days since his infancy. Simon is very excited to become a big brother. He talks daily about what our life will look like after adopting “his baby”, and is eagerly anticipating the gift of a sibling.

Our Home

We live in a spacious four-bedroom, 2.5 bath house that is set way back from the road. It is nestled in a big yard and surrounded by large, mature trees, in a quiet neighborhood. We have great climbing trees which also provide much-needed shade for our “picnics in the meadow”. Our location feels rural, but is actually quite close to two metropolitan areas and only minutes away from all the shops and amenities we could want; we feel it is the best of both worlds. We love the ample opportunities offered for playing and working outside and have enjoyed countless hours of front-yard baseball, backyard make-believe (both amongst the trees and up in our play unit), driveway street hockey, sandbox forts, and whatever else the adventure of the day happens to be. The area offers a rich variety of parks, which we seem to find ourselves in frequently in all seasons and weather. Our neighborhood compliments our active, family-centered lifestyle. The cities near us provide a full complement of cultural resources, including museums and performing arts. If you were to walk down the walkway and through our front door, you would be greeted by a very talkative five year old Simon. Behind him in the foyer you would see a gallery wall of some of our most precious family memories that decorates the foyer. We have a large, cozy family room, complete with Brittany’s childhood piano and built-ins holding great books. Our kitchen is very open and is connected to our playroom. This has been a highly-utilized feature of our home! We are able to be cooking in the kitchen, which we do for almost all meals, while also feeling connected with the play. It’s also served us well in providing a way to keep an eye on little hands while tending to daily tasks.

Our Jobs

Prior to becoming a mom, Brittany worked as a pediatric Registered Nurse. Since Simon was born five years ago, Brittany has been a full-time stay-at-home mom. We are both very thankful for this opportunity and feel blessed that it is an option for our family. Nate has worked in the business field for the same large company for 6+ years after being honorably discharged from the Army and completing graduate business school. He is on the board of a local youth camp for low income children. Nate also helps coach Simon’s ice hockey team. Together, Nate and Simon serve faithfully each week as church greeters as people enter the sanctuary before service.

About Brittany’s Family

Brittany grew up in a very stable and loving Christian home as the oldest of three children. Her parents have been married for 36 years. Her dad has owned his own business for 35 years and her mother worked in the dental field until Brittany was born, when she chose to stay home full time to raise her family. Brittany’s brother and his wife are both in the medical field and live locally, and her sister lives locally and works as a school teacher. Brittany grew up with her siblings as best friends, and even as adults they remain quite close, usually communicating daily. We see her mom and sister at least weekly, and her dad a bit less due to his work schedule. She has one living grandmother who lives locally, and several members of her extended family live in-state.

About Nate’s Family

Nate also grew up in a stable and loving Christian home provided by his parents, who recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. His father worked most of his career in business consulting, while his mother, formerly a teacher, stayed home full time and also home schooled Nate and his three sisters. Nate has many fond memories of playing together with his sisters during these home school years, and as they all live in the area, it has been fun to watch their growing families and enjoy our many nieces and nephews. We get together regularly for dinners, birthdays, and other events, and we also have several aunts, uncles, and cousins that live in our general area.

What Adoption Means to Us

From the very beginning, we have dreamed of filling our home with children. Having both grown up in families with multiple siblings, we know that inherent value of having siblings as “built-in best friends”. We are very excited about growing our family by any means, and feel that adoption is the path that we have been called to pursue. We are incredibly excited to provide our son a sibling and to welcome another precious life into our family, and will do so without hesitation, to a child of any gender, race, or ethnicity. We want you to be confident that we will wildly love and deeply care for all children in our family, whether biological or adoptive.

Dear Expectant Parent(s)

We thank you for taking the time to view our profile and for considering us as parents for your child. We are excited, grateful, and also immensely humbled by the prospect of welcoming another child into our family. We deeply appreciate the gravity of your decision and have utmost respect for you as you bravely pursue this option. We hope this short profile provides a small but accurate glimpse into our stable home and of the love and support we are ready to pour into another child. We are praying for you, the expectant parent(s), as you are faced with this decision, and also for your child, that he or she would continue to grow in strength and stature while preparations are made as the birth is anticipated.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Nate and Brittany