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Where we live: Blaine, Minnesota
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: Charlotte, Age 2.5
Pets: Zoey, French Bulldog, age 3


Thank you so much for taking the time to look through our profile. We have done our best to share who we are in this snapshot, but we do understand that we can’t possibly express everything about us in a few short pages. We hope that our sense of adventure and fun, our passion for being an active family, and the amazing love we share between us shines through.  We happily made the decision to grow our family through adoption after experiencing significant complications during our pregnancy with our daughter Charlotte. We love our family more than words can express and we are so excited to share that love with another child.

We know you love your baby so much and we thank you for considering adoption. We honor you for making the tough choices. We hope to meet you and build a relationship with you, providing love and support as you walk through this journey.

Joe (As told by Nicki):

Joe is caring, happy and friendly.  Joe’s smile and laugh are contagious; he’s funny. Joe likes to be social makes connections easily.  Joe isn’t afraid to show his love and affection for others especially his family. Joe and I have been together for 14 years and I have seen him become a lot of things- a beloved friend, passionate coach, mentor, and husband, but my favorite is a Daddy. Joe is such a loving, involved, thoughtful and playful parent. It makes my heart swell to see the relationship he has with Charley and I can’t wait to watch him to continue to be the best Daddy to all our children.  Joe is a great partner in parenting and in all of life’s adventures together. Joe is passionate about nutrition and exercise for healthy living, and helping others to live their best lives. 

Nicki (As told by Joe):

If I were to describe Nicki’s personality in one word it would be selfless. For as long as I’ve known Nicki she has always been more concerned with the needs and wishes of others than with her own. Nicki is an adventurous person. She loves the outdoors, camping, and finding new and exciting things to do as a family.  Nicki is a very resourceful person. She takes it upon herself to learn as much as possible about everything from marriage and parenting, to crafting. Nicki’s patience is admirable. She navigates through stressful situations as a parent with ease. 

Our Family:

Charlotte is our fun, happy, and loving 2.5 year old girl. She is outgoing, friendly, and likes to meet and play with others. Charley is curious and observant.  She has a lot to say and loves to sing! Charlotte can be fiercely independent which we know will serve her well in life.  Charlottes loves to snuggle and give hugs and kisses.  We know she will be a very affectionate big sister; she tucks her babies in for naps with a hug and a kiss!  Charley enjoys family meals that include a variety of healthy foods and saying “cheers” several times throughout.

Charlotte is very close with her Grandma Tara who cares for her 3 days a week while we are working. She also loves to spend time with the rest of our family. Charlotte loves animals, including our dog Zoey. She loves being outside, swimming and camping of course!

Charlotte has gone to swimming lessons, gymnastics, weekly playtime and enjoys playdates with our neighbors.

Zoey is our 3-year-old French Bulldog and another member of the family! Zoey loves EVERYONE, including small children. She is a big fan of truck rides, going to Grandma’s and camping. She can hardly contain her excitement when we are packing up. She loves to soak up the sun and all the love she can from everyone in sight. She enjoys cuddling and chasing balls and squirrels.

Our Home/Community

Love grows best in houses just like this. We have a cozy two-story 4 bedroom, 2 bath home in Blaine, Minnesota. We chose this home because it features an open kitchen, dining, and upstairs living room where friends and family can gather. We spend most of our time in this space and our lower level family room. We have a big farmhouse table where we sit down for meals together.  We cook most of our meals at home and Charley loves to help.

We love our fenced in backyard where we can run and play. Our home is surrounded by great neighbors who we spend time with and can always be counted on to lend a hand. We have a gate between the yards so the kids and dogs can play together.

Our neighborhood complements our active lifestyle. We have miles of paths for walking Zoey and riding our bikes. There are 5 parks within walking distance that we frequent regularly. Our community has many activities including a splashpad, beaches, indoor playgrounds and restaurants.

Our families live about 30 minutes north of our house. Nicki’s family lives on a hobby farm with horses, cattle and plenty of room to run!

In this Family We..

·         In this family we love big

·         In this family we cuddle

·         In this family we show our affection

·         In this family we have fun

·         In this family we are active

·         In this family we help others to be their best

·         In this family we camp

Our Promises

We promise to…

Love your baby unconditionally

Raise your baby in a community of loving, supportive family and friends

Demonstrate a strong,  happy marriage relationship

Build a relationship with you and include you as part of our extended family

Raise your baby to be a loving, kind, and genuinely good person

We promise that they will know how much you love them. We promise we will openly talk with your baby about their adoption and you.

Goodbye for Now,

Joe, Nicki and Charlotte