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Where we live: Bakersfield, California
Our neighborhood: Suburban
Other children: None
Pets: Two dogs - Chips & Salsa!


Thank you for taking time to learn more about us.  We are Collin and Renee, a fun-loving couple that cherishes time together, learning new things and exploring new places. It has been almost 9 years since we said, ‘I Do!’ We are so very thankful for the love that we share and the life we have built together. There’s just one thing that is missing, as we long to add children to our little clan! There is no doubt in our minds that God is preparing us with open hearts and an open home to adopt a child…and for that we couldn’t be more thankful!

We are truly honored that you would consider us as adoptive parents and greatly respect you for the loving decision you are making for your child. As you read through our story, our hope is that you can feel the love we have to give, see the joy that we have to share and trust the commitment we have made to each other and this precious child that God has planned for our family.

How We Met

We give God all the credit for his matchmaking skills as we happened to meet each other in church, sitting right next to each other on a fateful Sunday morning.  Renee had just moved into town a few months prior, and Collin had decided to branch out and explore other churches vs. the one he grew up at…and just like that it happened! 

It didn’t take us long at all to know beyond any doubt that we were meant to be together…when God puts it on your heart, you just know. We married just 9 months later at an intimate gathering of family and friends on the California coast.  We are so thankful that God so perfectly brought us together to be a family, to raise our future kids together, and to continue to grow in our knowledge and love of Him. 

From the early days of our dating, we had long conversations about our mutual desire to raise a couple children, with at least one through adoption. We’ve put our best effort into trying to conceive naturally, but with no success.  We feel more confident than we ever have that God is leading us to adoption. 

Meet Collin

I guess you could say I am an adventurous soul, with a need for excitement that was reinforced early on as I fell in love with dirt bike riding. My parents had no idea what they did when they gave me my kiddie dirt bike at age six, but from there on out I was hooked. Fortunately, those fine motor skills from riding all those years translated well into aviation, as I have been a corporate airplane pilot for many years, as well as a flight instructor. I am fortunate that most of my flights are day trips on the West Coast, which allow me to be home most evenings and have several days off during the week.

I am also an entrepreneur and have started my own business to create products that improve peoples’ lives.  I love to learn and have been accumulating skills in the areas of electronics, 3-D printing, computer programming and design, among many other subjects!

Adoption is something I have always wanted to do. Since my dad was adopted, I’ve been blessed many times over by the decision his birth mom made to entrust my grandparents with my dad. It has been amazing to be an uncle to my nieces and nephews, and no doubt the ‘dad life’ will be even better. Especially with Renee by my side!

Meet Renee

As a wife, daughter, sister, friend, boss and hopefully-soon mother, I first and foremost am striving to love others well.  I am an early riser, and love getting up at 5 AM to sip coffee and spend time in God’s word before engaging with the day ahead. 

My typical day includes working out of our home as a sales and marketing manager, taking walks or running in the evening with Collin to download on our day, and making sure we have a healthy home-cooked meal most nights.  Most of my hobbies involve making something as I love being creative! One of my yearly projects is making photo cubes for my family from the pictures I take during our family reunion…a great way to remember our time together!

When I was 8 years old, my younger brother was born, and I was just old enough to help Mom with changing his diapers! (He loves when I remind him of that.)  From that moment on, I remember always wanting to be a mom, wavering between wanting LOTS of kids and just a couple.  As Collin and I started down this path toward parenthood together, we’ve certainly shed a few tears, but our hearts are filled with peace and gratitude as we wait with great anticipation for what God has planned for our family.

Our Family

We are blessed to have a tight-knit family that loves to spend time with each other. Since we live in Collin’s hometown, it is great to have his parents very close by!  Collin’s dad is a gifted engineer who was adopted as an infant (his experience has been an inspiration to us).  We are thrilled that Collin’s mom desires to help with day-care for our child when Renee goes back to work, which will be wonderful support.  Collin also has a brother who is stationed in the military on the East Coast, and our beautiful 9-year-old niece.

Renee comes from a large Midwest family with four siblings and loving parents that are all anxiously awaiting this new family member to arrive! In total, we have 4 nieces and 2 nephews, with the newest niece being just 18 months old…so there will be plenty of cousins for our kids to grow up with. Every summer, our family gathers in a different location for our family reunion. 

Our Faith

Our faith is what matters most to us…to keep God our priority so that we can love each other well, love our family and friends well, and love our future kids well.  We just love our church family – all the people we’ve met and get to do life with, all with a common faith and purpose in helping raise up the next generation to know and love the Lord. We envision our kids getting to connect with others at youth group every week, heading off to Christian summer camp in the Sierra Nevada’s, and simply seeing the love of God demonstrated consistently throughout their growing up years.

We are a prayerful family that are constantly praying for each other, our family, our community and those in need. This child that God has for us has been prayed over so many times already that we cannot count!  And that gives us peace as we wait with hope for the joy that is to come.

Our Neighborhood

We own our 2,600 square foot 3-bedroom, 2-bath house on a quiet street on the edge of town in the Central Valley of California. Our home is located across from a beautiful park that follows alongside a river and bike path that goes for 30 miles.  We can’t wait to teach our child to ride his/her bike, go for walks to the park and push a jogger stroller for many miles of fitness and fun with the family. 

Our Dogs

We have a couple little pups named Chips and Salsa that bring joy to our lives and sometimes a little chaos to our household!  They are incredibly sweet, though complete opposites of each other.  Salsa is the calmer, wiser older sister, while Chips is a ball of energy and cannot get enough snuggles.  They were aptly named after Collin’s favorite food!

Our Adventures

We love to travel (and stay home)!  Since we got married, we have traveled a couple times to Hawaii with our timeshare program that ensures we take a regular vacation!  We love exploring the sights of Hawaii and can’t wait to share those experiences with our kids.

Our favorite excursions are to the family cabin that is just over an hour away up in the Sierra Nevada’s. This is our happy place! While it’s just a cozy old 700 square foot cabin with shag carpet and a 1950’s fridge, it is perfect for weekend getaways and will be a great place for our kids to learn how to chop wood, shovel snow, and other ‘responsibilities’ that come with such a gift.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family.  We would be honored if you chose us to be the adoptive parents for your little one.   We are so thankful for you and the gift of life that you are giving to your child and his/her future adoptive family.  Many blessings to you and we hope to be in touch!