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Adoption Muse
An online journal featuring compassionate dialogue about adoption.

Adoptive Breast Feeding
Breast feeding information and advice for adoptive parents.

Adoption Mama Blog
An adoptive mother shares her love for adoption and Jesus.

Adoption Parenting Blogs
Insights and observations about adoptive parenting from the adoption blog network.

One family story about adopting from Peru.

Anxiously Awaiting Adoption and Life
Thoughts, feelings and random ramblings about life and adoption.

Artificially Sweetened
A blog about the sweet life of adoption.

Away to Me
A journal about thinking and learning about adoption, parenting and life.

Best Laid Plans
An adoptive mother charts her journey from the beginning to the end of her placement.

Blue Collar Adoption
A foster mom muses on her transition to adoption.

Reflections on adoption by a mom of one.

Bumber’s Bumblings
Open adoption as seen through a Christ-follower.

A Christian, wife, photographer and adoptive mom of twins opens up.

Contessa Comma with Shoes
A waiting parent opens up about her journey through adoption.

Debra Shiveley Welch’s Blog
The online journal of an adoptive mom and the author of “Son of My Soul: The Adoption of Christopher”.

Driver Eight
What it’s like to travel along the road of international adoption.

Esperanza del Alm
Thoughts on life, faith and being a single mom through adoption.

Everyday Adventures in Our Life
A Christian mom of two with another one on the way shares the highlights of her life.

Evil Mommy
The not-so-secret thoughts of an adoptive mom who adopted domestically.

Everyday Miracle
An adoptive mother on the making of a transracial family.

Extreme Parenting
A chronicle of life as a large family that includes adoption, special needs and homeschooling.

Becoming parents through open adoption after waiting nearly two years.

Going Back to Square One
A member of the adoption triad explains what it means to be part of the community.

Grow Family Grow
How one family has grown through domestic adoption.

Growing Family
Commentary by a mother of two — one by birth, the other through a transracial adoption.

Journey to Mom
A mother’s journey through infertility, adoption, parenting and faith.

Joy In This Family’s Journey
An adoptive mother in a transracial adoption explains how she survived infertility and found joy in adoption.

Just Enjoy Him
The self-described “ramblings of a mid-life mom” on motherhood, adoption, adoptive motherhood and then some.

Just Mom
An adoptive mom shares her journey to motherhood in order to help bring others to a place of peace in their lives.

Karen’s Calling
An open adoption as seen through alternating columns by an adoptive mother and her son’s birthmother.

Life Unexpected
Observations by a waiting adoptive couple about their journey to and through the open adoption process.

Letters to a Birthmother
Things that an adoptive mother wants a birth mother to know.

Mama C and the Boys
One single mother’s journal of a transracial life through adoption, birth, and chaos with consistency.

Midlife Mommy
Everything you want to know about older mommying, open adoption and hot flashes.

Mike and Michael’s Family Blog
Two dads’ journey to “no” and “stop that”

Mommy Monsters Blog
Inspiration for adoptive and foster parents facing the challenges of daily life.

An adoptive mother of two’s journey to parenthood and the years that follow

Musings: Mamahood & More
The wife and mother of adoptees talks about their journey through open and closed adoption.

My Lovely Crazy Life
A mom of 8, adoptive parent, foster parent, social worker, blogs about adoption and other topics.

Open Hearts, Open Minds: Our Adoption Story
One woman’s path to motherhood through open domestic adoption.

Our Story: An Open Adoption Blog

One couple’s open adoption story.

Ripped Jeans and Bifocals
Post-adoption life and other random topics from the “older mom” perspective.

See Theo Run
Reflections on open adoption and life as a mixed race family.

This Woman’s Work
An adoptive mother and writer shares her thoughts about writing, mothering, and writing about writing.

Production Not Reproduction
The mother of two through open adoption recounts her experiences.

Tears of/and Joy
A working mom navigating through the world of parenting and domestic open adoption.

Two Cats And A Cradle
A waiting parent blog that gives it to you straight – the happy, the frustrating, the ups and downs and everything interesting in between about the adoption process.

An adoptive mother presents “a smudged window on the world.”

Write Mind, Open Heart
A blog about open adoption parenting and mindful living.

Featured Waiting Parents

Adoptee Blogs
Adoption stories from a variety of adoptees

Birth Father Blogs
Read firsthand adoption experiences by birth fathers

Birth Mother Websites
Connect with others who have been in your shoes

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