What Is Adoption Coercion?

This guest post is by Pamela, an adoptive mother. 

What constitutes adoption coercion?

In the light of recent events in Adoptionland, such as the arrest of Paul Petersen, an adoption attorney in Arizona who has been indicted on 29 counts of fraudulent schemes and three counts of conspiracy, theft, and forgery, we should talk about adoption coercion and what exactly that means. 

In the case of the 29 Marshallese women coerced by Petersen, coercion is an exchange of money for the placement of a child for adoption.  Coercion can be much more subtle than that.

I often hear hopeful adoptive families refer to a woman they have “matched” with as a “birth mom”.  I also see that term used on hundreds of adoption agency websites being used in reference to a woman who is pregnant and considering placing her baby for adoption.    Read More

Is Special Needs Adoption Right for You?

Alana Redmond is a writer. 

Are you looking at adopting a special needs child? Special needs adoptions can be rewarding, but they’re not for everyone. So how do you know if it’s right for you?

First, let’s define the terms. The term “special needs” refers to any child who would qualify for assistance due to a medical condition or another specific factor.

Special needs children can have particular educational requirements resulting from learning difficulties, physical and behavioral difficulties.

However, In the adoption world, the term “special needs” covers a much broader scope. Adopting a child with special needs is similar to adopting a healthy child except that it comes with a few more challenges as well as rewards.  Read More

Open Adoption Is Not as Scary as It Sounds. Kids Can Never Have Enough Love

This guest post is by AdoptiveBlackMom, an adoptive mother and blogger.

My daughter, Hope, and I became a family about six years ago. Weeks after the finalization of our adoption, a portion of Hope’s extended biological family found both of us on social media.

I was so early in my parenting journey that I had a hard time at first with their appearance in our lives. I knew that open adoption is a good thing, but I did not anticipate the relationship opening so quickly.

I had started looking for Hope’s family, and I had a few leads that I planned to pursue after we returned from our celebration trip to Disney World.

Instead I found myself responding to a host of messages sent to me and Hope from numerous family members asking for all kinds of information.

It was sometime before I could reconcile the shock of it all and really help Hope emotionally deal with the opening of our adoption. Read More

My Adopting Advice? If You Get A Chance, Take It!

This guest post is by Mallory Baker, an adoptive mother.

In 2016 we had what seemed to be the perfect family. We had been married for ten years, with two happy, healthy daughters. We had just bought our first family car, just the right size for the four of us.

The girls, Alayna, age 8 at the time, and her little sister Avery, 5, finally had their own rooms in our beautiful home we had recently purchased.

Life was perfect. Then on February 22, 2016 something special happened: We got a call asking us if we were interested in adopting a baby boy. Read More