Considering Open Adoption For Your Baby? Why It Has Worked For Me

This guest post is by Crystal Byrd, a birthmother. 

I am a birthmom to a beautiful 5 year old girl named Emma. I was 20 years old when I decided to do an open adoption with my little girl.

I was lucky and blessed to find her adoptive parents early in my pregnancy. I found them when I was 13, 14 weeks pregnant and they were with me throughout my whole pregnancy.

A question a lot of people ask me is how did I know Ben and Nicole were the ones? I knew as soon as I looked at their pictures online. People who go through this process say when you see, you will know. That was absolutely true for me.

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Open Adoption Is Worth It!

This guest post is by Tysie Robinson, an adoptive mother.
Our journey into open adoption started over four and half years ago with the placement at birth of our beautiful baby boy, Zane.   
Everyday I am grateful for his and his birth family’s addition to our family. Both of us wanted the adoption to be open. At first it wasn’t easy. And though it has been scary, uncertain, and uncomfortable at times, it’s also been beautiful,  blooming and a blessing!!  
Over the years it’s gotten so much easier and smoother.  We have combined two loving families into one and a shared motherhood. I don’t believe Zane was ever given up but rather given from one loving family to another to get more love throughout his life!   

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What National Adoption Awareness Month Is Really About

This guest post is by Pamela, an adoptive mother and educator. 

As a parent of two children from adoption I have done a great deal of listening and reading to become a more informed parent of adoptees. 

Honestly, I have learned so much in the past twelve years.  My opinions and beliefs surrounding adoption have really changed over the years. 

One thing I have done for the past 12 years is “celebrate” National Adoption Month on social media each November.  I post cute or maybe even informative memes and quotes. 

I used to tell the story of my children’s births and subsequent adoptions.  I’d post pictures of my children with their birth moms and all sorts of happy-happy images almost selling adoption to other families. 

I was under the impression that National Adoption Month was a celebration of all the joys of adoption.  I recently did some research about the “celebration” and thought I would share all I have learned. Read More

Adoption Has Come A Long Way: What A Simple DNA Kit Taught Me

This guest post is by Kerstin Lindquist, an adoptive mother and author.

“Mom you have to write this in your next book!” My middle child squeals in delight as I reveal the latest developments. She can’t get enough of the real-life drama that is our family.

“This is more of a made for TV movie sweetie.” I laugh.

Rewind to a year ago to a simple DNA kit. As a family created through adoption—two of our three kids are adopted as well as my brother, cousin and sister in law—my desire in getting tested was not so much to find any of my long-lost relatives but to discover a common strain between me and my kids.

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