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Phone: 9319803599
Where we live: Clarksville, Tennessee
Our neighborhood:
Other children: 1 daughter, 4 years old, adopted at birth
Pets: 2 small dogs. A Pekingese and a Cocker Spaniel

Dear expecting mama,

I want to take a moment to let you know that we are thankful for you for just reading about us and our story. We know that your decision to choose adoption for your child is a difficult one and that we would not be able to become parents without sacrifice like yours. You have a beautiful heart and we appreciate you. You will always be honored in our home as a woman who is selfless and made this decision out of love for your baby.

We are the Tabor family from Tennessee. My name is Brittany and I am 33. My husband’s name is Jason and he is 41. We have a 4-year-old daughter who we adopted as an infant. We refer to her as our little TaborTot and we cannot wait to have our next little TaborTot running around with her. We also have two small dogs, Lizzy and Minnie. Lizzy is 13 years old and is a little slow to move these days. Minnie was just born in February of this year, so she is spunky and just loves attention!

Jason and Brittany have a simple love story. We met when Brittany was 21 and in college. We knew pretty soon after we started dating that we wanted to spend our lives together. We make each other laugh and hold each other up in difficult times. We waited to get married until she was about to graduate to make sure we would be financially stable to start a family. We were married in 2012 and immediately tried to begin having children. After almost 4 years, blood tests, biopsies, and several negative pregnancy tests later, we decided that it wasn’t in the cards for us to have biological children. We then decided to go down the path towards adoption. We will come back to the story of how we adopted our daughter after you learn a little bit more about us.

Brittany: I am a high school Spanish teacher. I’ve been teaching now for 7 years and I absolutely love my job! I try to have as much fun with my students as possible while trying to teach them basic Spanish. I think my favorite hobby outside of teaching and being a mom is buying matching shirts or coordinating outfits for us to wear. We have matching hockey jerseys, t-shirts, and Halloween outfits. I absolutely love getting the whole family together in matching t-shirts when we have a family vacation or a family reunion. My second favorite hobby is planning our family vacations. I love to look through different hotels, restaurants, and attractions and plan out a long weekend for us to get away as a family and spend some quality time together. My father passed away in 2014 and my mother now lives with us and is an amazing grandmother to our daughter and my brother’s daughters as well.

Jason: I am an HVAC (heating and air) mechanic for our local school system. I have been at my job now for 16 years. Most of my family live out of state, so we travel often to visit them in Illinois and Virginia. I love taking road trips with my wife and daughter and going swimming or to family cookouts. I have one brother and one sister. My brother has two sons and my sister has one daughter. I am the baby of my family, so my nephews and nieces are grown up now with children around our daughter’s age. My mother passed away in 2008 and my father recently passed in 2018. We still have a very great relationship with my father’s wife whom he was married to before he died. She lives in Virginia and loves us just like she has known us from the beginning.

We have both been touched by adoption in our family. Jason’s mom was adopted as a young child and his nephew was also adopted by his brother at 2 years old. Brittany also has a brother who was adopted by her father when he was very young. Without adoption, we would not have had the opportunity to have these people to love and love us back. We truly believe that adoption is a beautiful way to help a family grow. This is why we came to the conclusion that this was the way for us to become parents.

In late 2015, we hadn’t even started the process when a friend of mine contacted me about a potential adoption situation. She got me in contact with our birth mother’s family and we felt an immediate connection. She was 30 weeks along and we dove in headfirst to complete our home study, hire a lawyer, and did whatever necessary to make sure we could bring our baby home. 9 weeks later, we got a phone call that we had a baby girl. We received a letter and a card from our daughter’s birth mom on a couple of occasions, but she has decided to have minimal contact and we respect her decision completely. We have also sent her pictures and cards via her family as well. We are still friends with some of her family, so she gets updates from them whenever she wishes. If she and our daughter want to meet in person in the future, we will be more than happy to make that happen for both of them. I want her to feel comfortable and also always know that we love our girl more than words can say.

We are open to any level of openness that you choose for your child. We want you to feel comfortable with your decision to have phone calls, visits, send pictures and letters, or occasional updates. If you want a closed adoption, that is also up to you as well. We are also ready and willing to travel out-of-state. We are not 100% set on a newborn, although that would be wonderful. We would also welcome multiples or a young sibling pair to make sure they stay together.

We are a Christian couple who speak to our daughter about our faith on a regular basis although we do not expect every person we have relationships with to be Christians. We live our faith in the way we love our community and treat others with kindness. We have big hearts and are always willing to lend a helping hand or a listening ear to those we love. We are also huggers, major huggers. So, let us know if you don’t like hugs and we will hold back the urge to hug.

If you have any more questions about us and our family, please let us know!

Love, Jason & Brittany