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Adoptive Breast Feeding
Breast feeding information and advice for adoptive parents.
Adopt Shoppe Press
An online store that features an assortment of keepsake albums and adoption memory books.

Adoption Books
A comprehensive guide to adoption books featuring reviews, excerpts and insights.

Adoption Life Books
Tips on how to create a record of your child’s life before you brought him home.

Adoptive Families
The how-to-adopt magazine’s book guide featuring more than eight years of reviews.

Center for Adoption Support and Education
A non-profit organization that provides support and education to all members of  the adoption community.

Creating A Family
A nonprofit providing education, resources, and support for those touched by infertility or adoption.

EMK Press
A publishing house specializing in adoption.

I Am Chosen
Lifebook service that includes secrets on how to create a great keepsake.

My Adoption Advisor
Adoption services that make a difference for waiting adoptive parents.

Our Chosen Child
Lifebook, parent profile, brochure services and more.

Perspectives Press
A publishing company for all kinds of books on infertility andadoption.

Scrap and Tell
A website devote to scrapbooking materials, advice and information.

Tapestry Books
A U.S. company features books on Adoption for children, adoptive parents, and professionals.

The Dream Kidz
Keepsakes of all kinds for those who want to celebrate their adoption experience.


Artificially Sweetened
A blog about the sweet life of adoption.

Blue Collar Adoption
A foster mom muses on her transition to adoption.

A Christian, wife, photographer and adoptive mom of twins opens up.

Everyday Miracle
An adoptive mother on the making of a transracial family.

Going Back to Square One
A member of the adoption triad explains what it means to be part of the community.

Growing Family
Commentary by a mother of two — one by birth, the other through a transracial adoption.

Heart Mind and Seoul Reflections
Observations and musings of an adult Korean adoptee and adoptive parent.

Hearts Wide Open
An adoptee records her journey adopting from Kyrgyzstan.

Holding Still
The ins and outs of Ethiopian adoption by someone who’s been there.

Ignore the Crazy
More adventures into international adoption.

Journey to Mom
A mother’s journey through infertility, adoption, parenting and faith.

Just Enjoy Him
The self-described “ramblings of a mid-life mom” on motherhood, adoption, adoptive motherhood and then some.

The Kewl Beans Place
An adoptive mother writes about her son, adopted from Guatemala.

Ledingham Family
A window into a Calgary family’s experience with open adoption.

Letters to a Birthmother
Things that an adoptive mother wants a birth mother to know.

Midlife Mommy
Everything you want to know about older mommying, open adoption and hot flashes.

Mommy Monsters Blog
Inspiration for adoptive and foster parents facing the challenges of daily life.

Mom’s Musings
Light, serious and in-between thoughts by a mom of five.

More Happy Meals
Random notes on trying to adopt from an orphanage in Taiwan.

Mrs. Broccoli Guy
The ins and outs and everything in between about Cambodian and Vietnamese adoption.

Older Child Adoption Blogs
Insights and observations about older child adoption from the adoption blog network.

Open Adoption Blog
Insights and observations about open adoption from the adoption blog network.

Peters Cross Station
Transracial adoption from the point of view of a self-confessed “blissfully happy, overeducated, downwardly Mobile Underachiever”.

Red Threads
News and information about adopting from China.

Robin’s Nest
A family shares its journey into Vietnamese adoption.

The Royal Rogues
The who, what, wheres and whys about Chinese adoption and orphanages.

Special Needs Adoption Blogs
Insights and observations about special needs adoption from the adoption blog network.

The Life of a Texan Mom
A stay-at-home mother of three bares her soul.

Tales from the Stirrups
The journey from infertility to an Guatemalan adoption to motherhood.

The Voyage
Chinese adoption as seen through a mother whose interests include home schooling and converting to Islam.

This Woman’s Work
An adoptive mother and writer shares her thoughts about writing, mothering, and writing about writing.

Through My Daughter’s Eyes
Mia’s mom on her experience of raising a blind girl from Guatemala.

Unproductive Reproduction
The mother to a son through open adoption recounts her experiences.

An adoptive mother presents “a smudged window on the world”.

Welcome to My Brain
The self-confessed “Ramblings of a Pseudo-Crunchy Woman” as she prepares for adoption.


Real Parents Real Children
Bartels-Rabb, Lisa and Van Gulden, Holly. Crossroad Classic, 1995. Covers the development stages of a child’s life and how adoption may impact them.

The Adoption Decision:15 Things You Wnat to Know Before Adopting
Christianson, Laura. Harvest House, 2007. An adoption educator and adoptive mom addresses the 15 main emotional and spiritual issues adoptive parents need to go through before they begin their adoption journey.

Post-Adoption Blues: Overcoming the Unforseen Challenges of Adoption.
Foli, Karen and Thompson, John. Rodale, 2004. An overview of some of the post-adoption challenges facing parents and ways to handle them.

Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families
Johnston, Patricia Irwin. Perspectives Press 2008. A guide on how to prepare for your adoption, including practical advice on what you’ll need to do after you’ve made your decision.

Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections
MacLeod, Jean and Macrae, Sheena. Emk Press 2006. Tips and techniques for parents of adopted children.

Labor of the Heart: A Parent’s Guide to the Decisions and Emotions in Adoption
Whitten, Kathleen. M. Evans And Company Inc. 2008. Using the author’s own experience as a starting book, this book guides would-be adoptive parents through the many stages and emotional impacts involved in the adoption process.

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