Amelia & Philip

Hi  We are Amelia and Philip but we’re known to our family and friends  as Amy and Phil. We are so grateful to begin our adventure as parents through adoption. We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us more. We hope this can tell you a little bit more about who we are and show you the amount of love we have to offer to you and your baby.

Contact Info:

Adoption Professional: a loving choice adoption associates

Quick Facts


Age: 33

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian

Profession: Medical/ Surgical Assistant

Education: Other

Interests: Running, Photography of people, places and nature. Spending time with my family and friends as often as I can.


Age: 34

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian

Profession: Petroleum Inspector

Education: Other

Interests: Snowmobiling, home projects and being outdoors either in nature or on the water. Movie night with a big bowl of popcorn

Our Community

Years Together: 15

State: New Jersey

City: Bayville

Neighborhood: Rural

Other Children: No

Pets: One Cat named Camo

Child Preferences

Age: Up to 2 years

Gender: No Preference

Ethnicity: No Preference

Special Needs: Open To Discussion

Type of Adoption: Semi-Open

About Us

We’ve been happily married for seven years, but have been together for just over 15 years now. We are a fun-loving couple who enjoys traveling, outdoor activities, and spending time with family and friends. We are both hard working individuals but value are time at home. We love to laugh and being surrounded by good genuine people. We live our lives with the promise of  what you put out to the world will eventually come back to you. We want you to know that we dream about being parents someday all the time and talk about often. We have shared values that include honesty, hard work and being kind.

Our Home & Community

We live in a 3 bedroom ranch and have already turned one of the rooms into a nursery. Our yard is spacious and offers plenty of room for a swing set or just to run around in. Our neighborhood is filled with young families and they are all very close knit. We knew from the minute we moved here that this was the perfect place to raise a family someday. The school bus stop is even located right in front of our house. Our hope is to see our child at the same bus stop one day with their friends as we see our neighbors kids there now. We are also minutes away from a free beach and a large park.

Our Thoughts about Parenting & Adoption

We both come from very large families and enjoy spending time with them. Our sisters have children of their own and we adore being their Aunt and Uncle. However we still long for the day that we can hold the title of Mom and Dad and feel that adoption was the plan we never knew we wanted so much. This means having a family to call our own and being able to raise a good human being. We have talked for years about the kind of parents we would be some day and how we would always be there for our children. Our dreams of being a parent can come true because of this process . We believe that we were meant to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and we were always meant to travel this path in life because we have so much joy, love and laughter to share. Our life as a couple has been really great thus far and we know our life as a family will be even better.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as prospective adopting parents for your precious little one. We know that raising a child will not always be easy but we promise to be patient and kind to help nurture our child as they grow up. We also promise to always be in their corner and we will never take for granted this gift we have been given. We will tell your baby the truth of where they first came from and how amazing their birth mother is because she was so strong, so brave and loved them so much that she chose this path. We hope your journey to finding the perfect parents for your baby is a loving one.

Contact Info:

Adoption Professional: a loving choice adoption associates

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