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It is not easy to find the right words for someone we have not met, but hope to. We know you must be facing challenges, and we are amazed by your courage to consider adoption for your child. The miracle of adoption is what made us parents (we are infertile), and we are beyond excited to travel this journey once again in order to complete our family with a second child. If asked, we would be honored to become a transracial family by welcoming a baby of any race. An open adoption plan is something we would be thrilled to embrace if this fits with your needs. Our children will always know their adoption stories, and will be raised to respect and love their birthparents. Thank you so much for getting to know us a bit. We would love to meet you! Please feel free to reach out for more information about us, and if we may be the right family for your child. Love, Tim, Becky & MJ

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Quick Facts


Age: 36

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian

Profession: Nurse Practitioner

Education: Masters Degree

Interests: Reading (favorite series Harry Potter), exercising, gardening, watching movies, playing with our daughter


Age: 38

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Catholic

Profession: Technical Sales

Education: Masters Degree

Interests: Golfing, exercising, playing and listening to music (loves classic rock), traveling, spending time with family and friends, playing with our daughter

Our Community

Years Together: 15

State: Ohio

City: Cincinnati

Neighborhood: Suburban

Other Children: 1 daughter (3 yo) that we adopted at birth

Pets: dog, Stella, and cat, Elliott (they are good with kids)

Child Preferences

Age: Up to 2 years

Gender: No Preference

Ethnicity: Any

Special Needs: Open To Discussion

Type of Adoption: No Preference

About Us

We are college sweethearts, having met in the marching band at Purdue University and have been together ever since (over 15 years now!). We married in 2009, and soon discovered that we wanted to become parents. After years of failed infertility treatments, we would do it all over again to find our way to MJ (and our next child!). We were fortunate to adopt our daughter MJ the day she was born; and we have found incredible joy being parents. Our family time together is highly valued, including our silly play time (laughter is often heard in our house). We like to play outside, go for walks/hikes, go to the zoo, check out museums, and watch MJ grow. We also enjoy visiting with family and friends; we are lucky to have strong family support. Traveling is another part of our life, and we look forward to taking our children to the ocean someday (among other places!). When we go on date nights, we love to experience the arts like musicals and the opera, and we also love watching shows on the couch after MJ goes to bed (like a stand-up comedy special).Meet Becky: Becky’s journey into motherhood was certainly not an easy one (it took over 4 years!), but has been the joy of her life. Accepting the fact that she will never become pregnant was difficult; however, it brought her to MJ and incredible happiness. The adoption experience has been nothing short of amazing, and she is excited to fully welcome the experience once again for their second child. Becky works 4 days per week as a nurse practitioner at a local diabetes center. She was able to take a 12 week maternity leave when MJ was born, and plans on doing so again for the second baby. Becky loves being a mom, playing with MJ, reading books (favorite series is Harry Potter), watching movies and shows (some favorites include Pitch Perfect and This Is Us), exercising, and of course, spending time with family and friends. Tim says “watching Becky be a mom just makes anything bad in this world seem so insignificant, and I know she will mother another child with the same love and devotion.”Meet Tim: Tim loves being a father; he always dreamed of being a dad and has found the experience immensely rewarding. He has fully embraced the adoption process, and is looking forward to raising 2 children. Tim has worked in technical sales for the majority of his career; he also has an MBA.  Tim holds a black belt in the Israeli self defense Krav Maga. He is also an instructor at the school and teaches both children and adults. Tim also has a deep interest in cars. He is currently restoring his dad’s first car: a 1967 Dune Buggy! According to Becky, “a common evening involves him making dinner for us, running around with MJ, playing the piano (I especially love the Elton John songs), then rubbing my feet while we watch TV on the couch later that evening.”Meet MJ: Margaret Jean was born in Cincinnati in July 2018, and is a happy and healthy toddler. MJ loves talking, dancing, eating, roughhousing, running, playing with toys as well as other kids (including feeding her baby dolls), and we know she will enjoy being a wonderful big sister someday. Our caregiver Miss Betsy comes over to the house during the week while Tim and Becky are working to take care of MJ. We appreciate MJ’s birthparents as important parts of our family, since we would not be parents without them, and we are overjoyed to welcome more into our family.

  • Fun facts
  • Becky played piccolo in the marching band, Tim played the World’s Largest Drum
  • Becky is left-handed
  • Tim plays the piano very well
  • MJ’s first word was “hi!”
  • Becky can speak Spanish; Tim can speak German

Our Home & Community

We are fortunate to have a home with 4 bedrooms, so MJ and the new baby will have their own rooms (unless of course they want to share as they get older!). We can hardly wait to bring our second child home to continue filling the space with memories. The nursery, decorated with owls, is next to our bedroom. The full bathroom with tub is across the hall, and MJ’s room is next door. In the living room, we have a family heirloom piano (we would love for our children to take lessons someday). The house is in a safe and diverse neighborhood, with a long sidewalk that connects to several parks with playgrounds. We have a large backyard including a basketball court for outdoor games and a deck where we put a sandbox. Our neighborhood is full of friendly neighbors and lots of kids. We are within walking distance to the local high school (MJ loves running around the athletic fields), as well as several parks.We have a dog named Stella who is extremely friendly. She enjoys laying in the same room where MJ is playing, and also eating the food that MJ drops. She plays well with other dogs and children of all ages. We also have a cat named Elliott. MJ loves chasing him around the house (he usually runs away and hides!).We are fortunate to have strong family bonds. Both of our families have been consistently supportive in our adoption journey. Becky’s parents live in Indianapolis. Becky’s brother, his wife and 3 boys live in Lexington, Kentucky. The boys are ages 12 (biracial Latino/white), 9, and 6 and love playing with MJ. Tim’s parents live in South Bend, Indiana. His sister, her husband and 2 miniature dachshunds live in Indianapolis. Tim also has a brother who lives in Chicago with his dog. We love seeing family on the weekends; we visit with them at least once a month.

Our Thoughts about Parenting & Adoption

Our promise to you is to raise our children to love and respect their birthparents as vital parts of our family. We promise to love our children equally and completely with everything we have. We promise to help prepare them for the challenges of the world, and we hope that they will find strength in their relationship as siblings. We are looking forward to embracing our children’s individual birth stories, and hope our kids will be able to confide in each other and share a special sibling bond. We love the fact that they will both be adopted, as they will always have that in common. Per MJ’s birthparents’ wishes, we have a semi-open adoption where we send them photos of her every 3 months. As we said earlier, we are more than happy to embrace an open adoption plan for our second child if this fits with our birthparent’s needs.

Closing Thoughts

Although our journey into parenthood has been full of ups and downs, we feel that it has led us to exactly where we need to be, and that we are stronger as individuals as well as a couple because of it. We want you to know that we will love this child fiercely and unconditionally as part of our family throughout our lives. Our children will grow up knowing their birth stories, but will not be defined by adoption. We have no doubt that we are ready for a second child to be welcomed into our family. Our hearts are full of hope that we may be the family you are looking for. We would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know us. If you feel that we could be right for your baby, we would love to meet you in person. Please let us know what questions we can answer as you continue your journey. We wish you the absolute best!

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