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Dear Birth Mom – We have one adopted child (now 24) and have fostered teens (now gone), yet this is a first Dear Birth Mom letter for me. So, hi! 🙂 I always told our son (adopted at one year) how grateful we are for his borthmom who gave him life.so for you, facing these challenges, I commend you in your search and pray you find the best match for your child.

Contact Info: Lara.Harrelson@gmail.com

Adoption Professional: CK Family Services LLC TX

Quick Facts


Age: 55

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian

Profession: Executive (VP Sales)

Education: High School Diploma

Interests: Spending time with our family, watching grands in their sports (swimming, gymnastics, volleyball)., playing board games, football, celebrating!!


Age: 52

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian

Profession: Medical Assistant

Education: College Diploma

Interests: Family times,“boot camp” fitness, traveling, cooking, movies, reading, shopping, charity work.

Our Community

Years Together: 32

State: Texas

City: McKinney

Neighborhood: Suburban

Pets: 2 small cocker spaniels, Brody (12), and Cooper (3)

Child Preferences

Age: No Preference

Gender: No Preference

Ethnicity: No preference

Special Needs: Open To Discussion

Type of Adoption: No Preference

About Us

We are Dave and Lara and we are in the process to foster/adopt (we want to adopt)— and I saw this site and thought, “I should at least offer our profile to a birth mom.”I’ll tell you about us, and you can let us know if we are a match for you.We met and married while in our church college group. I’m the oldest of four, Dave is an only child. We played sports in high school, Dave was Class President, I was in small roles in school theatre. I have a degree in education, while Dave went to junior college for a bit then began working full time (he’s very talented, a global executive). We work hard and play hard, love to stay active and busy socially and with our family/relatives. My parents are both one of 6, so that’s a lot of relatives!Starting around our third anniversary, we had four kids in 4 years: a 2-pound baby, tiny twins, and adopted our only son. So we have had a wide variety of experiences. We have learned to be flexible and adaptable, and while we had house rules, we had a lot of fun. The kids loved their childhood and would tell you that.. We would love to adopt siblings or multiples.when our kids were in elementary school, we lived in London. We made sure we gave our kids many opportunities to grow and learn by their education, travel, and allowed them to make and keep great friendships. Even though we moved, we placed them in private school in order to keep their young lives as steady as possible. It was the best decision. Now they are all grown – two finished college and went to Grad Wchool, one didn’t finish but works in a trade, and one attended cosmetology school. The three daughters are married to wonderful men. One is a business manager, one is a physician, and our oldest daughter with three girls is a mom at home. Our son is a mechanic. They are all hardworking, well-liked, popular, community-minded, and get along well with each other (and us). Three of the four live within 20 minutes of us, and the other couple moved out west a year ago — but they’ll be back in Texas.
we celebrate birthdays and celebrations together, we all go to the lake and there’s room for everyone to stay over. We go on vacations together. Our grandgirls are precious and love staying with us. they love their aunties and uncles SO much too, and everyone is engaged with them. Your children will be welcomed and loved by our entire family of 13 and two fun pups. And I would bet that a few more babies will be added to that number above!we enjoy spending time with our family. We watch our granddaughters sports and school performances, we go on vacations together, and we have a lake house in east Texas. The kids all learn to swim at a young age, love water sports, and making memories outside.we attend Christian church regularly and I teach in the preschool. I volunteer in a preschool also. We also sponsor 9 kids in west Africa for their education and monthly rice stipend, and are committed to their futures. The charity really reaches and helps them turnaround poverty, and begin an education. We have both visited (Dave has been more than me!). They love him and he’s got tremendous energy with the kids. Our heart is to help others.. which is why we did foster and are in process to foster/adopt.. So if you think you would like to discuss adoption, we would love that. We especially would welcome multiples.

Our Home & Community

 We live the suburbs with a fantastic school district. We have access to wonderful libraries  (I take my grands to story hours and play events), we have a community pool and park, and I know all about swim lessons, gymnastics or dance, and sports round the calendar year. We will support and encourage development and endeavors. All our kids (even the twins), are unique and we encouraged their education path and dreams and they are all fulfilling their dreams. We enjoy each stage.

Our Thoughts about Parenting & Adoption

We are adoptive parents and due to our sons case, it was closed.
we also fostered a teen which i mentioned. We never refer to our non-biological kids as anything but “ours”. We don’t look similar to them all so we have at times just said “He’s my G—- (his name)” or “He’s mine”, so there are no more questions. The love we have is the same.
However what we would like to see is the best for the child and that is permanency. So here we are!

Closing Thoughts

The adoption triangle is different and dynamic for each situation. I’m fine with a monthly FaceTime and sending videos and such to include you in milestones and big events. Or annual. What will make you comfortable. I’m flexible. In time, ene part of the triangle may really have a hard time after visits and calls and we all need to be sensitive to that. I want to make sure that you also have support for when calls or visits are over. it may be painful for you even if you know this is the best decision. Yet know we would not hold anything against you either – if you want an open adoption, we can talk about expectations because I don’t see a problem with the idea.
I hope this little profile introduction helps you in your search. It’s a big decision to face yet you’re already making the best choice and that is life As scary as things may seem on any given day for you, I can tell you that prayers will be answered and you will find the family for your babies. And this choice won’t be a regret, carrying the baby and choosing their family. It’s a mature decision. Blessings.

Contact Info: Lara.Harrelson@gmail.com

Adoption Professional: CK Family Services LLC TX

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