Eric & Rachelle

Hello, we are Eric & Rachelle! We reconnected on Facebook, as we had met many years prior at our local community college. Several years after we were married, we were super excited to start trying to build a family. Sadly, we suffered 3 miscarriages. After much prayer, we felt as if God was closing the door to traditional family building. Shortly after, we began our journey. We are eagerly awaiting to grow our family through adoption. We value you and the love you have for your child as you consider making an adoption plan. It will be wonderful to welcome a little one into our home and into our hearts! We are praying for you! Our future child is already loved, not only by us, but our family, friends, and our church. We will provide a loving, financially stable home, where your baby will be loved unconditionally. Our promise to you is that your child will always know how much you love them and will know the love behind this adoption journey from birth.  We are committed to staying connected with you at a level of openness that you are comfortable with!

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Adoption Professional: A Child's Hope

Quick Facts


Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian

Profession: Technology Support Specialist

Education: Bachelor Degree

Interests: Okinawa Kenpo Karate (trains and teaches)Body BoardingHikingTraveling CookingChessReading


Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian

Profession: Early Childhood Training & Technical Assistance Specialist

Education: Masters Degree

Interests: Healthy CookingGardeningSinging CampingHiking SwimmingTraveling

Our Community

Years Together: 12

State: North Carolina

Neighborhood: Rural

Other Children: No

Pets: Two loveable girl dogs, Ari (Weimaraner) and Bella (Australian Cattle Mix)

Child Preferences

Age: Up to 2 years

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Open to all races

Special Needs: Open To Discussion

Type of Adoption: No Preference

About Us

About Eric: Eric has the greatest sense of humor. He loves to make people laugh and is always up for an adventure. Eric is a “people person” and makes everyone feel comfortable. He has a strong passion for karate. He loves going to the beach and body boarding. Eric looks forward to parenting and passing on traditions and life lessons. Our child will be blessed to have him as a father.About Rachelle: Rachelle is kind, honest and has a mother’s heart. No matter where we are, she does not hesitate to help and act in a motherly capacity whenever needed. She will be a great mother. Rachelle enjoys spending time in the kitchen creating healthy meals. She loves tending the family’s garden and chicken coop.About us:      We enjoy staying active. Physical and mental health is important to both of us.  Finding ways to stretch and exercise our minds and bodies with many activities, including playing chess, teaching karate, and sharing our love of music/ singing is important. We also enjoy hiking/camping, cooking together and yearly family vacations. Education will be a high priority for us. Our home is full of many books covering a number of genres and age groups. Reading and exploring many different things will be encouraged.  We will raise a humble child with patience, confidence, and a strong sense of self.Family:Our family cannot wait for vacations to the mountains, the beach, the zoo, Dollywood and more. Spending time with family is a big part of our lives. Taking mini trips to our family lake house is so much fun! Holidays are spent together sharing in family traditions and creating new ones.  Our favorite things are camping and sitting in the backyard making s’mores. Cannot wait for trips to the park, walking the local trails and enjoying nature.  Grandma and grandpa are excited for a new grandchild to come play on their playground, complete with a sandbox, composite structure, water table and more!  Having a little one to teach all about growing vegetables and tasting the harvest will be amazing.  Spending time in the kitchen learning to cook and bake foods from a variety of cultures is rewarding. We have family and friends from all ethnic backgrounds, and believe that every child should be raised in a diverse environment where culture will be respected and celebrated! We are blessed that Eric speaks some Spanish and your child will have a Hispanic uncle that is fluent in Spanish.

Our Home & Community

We live in a safe, rural community with friendly neighbors. Our home is situated among mature shade trees, with several flower beds, fruit trees, and a large
fenced-in back yard. Our spacious home includes an office, den, sun room, front porch and a large deck.We are blessed to live one mile from our church. This neighborhood, where Rachelle has lived her entire life, is a great place to raise a family.  Our home is close to numerous parks, hiking trails, schools, libraries and a children’s museum.We both have family locally and out of state. Rachelle has twin sisters. Eric has one brother and three sisters. Everyone, including our loving church family, is excited about adding a new family member through adoption.

Our Thoughts about Parenting & Adoption

All children deserve respect in a safe, loving, stable home where parents are a positive role model. We believe in instruction, helping to disciple, coming alongside them with grace and correction, clearly communicating expectations, helping them to understand authority and making heart changes instead of just changing behavior. Every child is unique and every situation is different. Not all children respond to the same type of discipline. Discipline should teach, not hurt.We feel blessed that Rachelle has a passion for Early Childhood/Early Education and has worked in the field for more than 25 years. She brings not only a wealth of knowledge but hands-on experience as well. She strongly believes in childhood safety/safe sleep practices and holds many certifications.  Becoming a certified instructor of Nurturing Pathways® Creative Dance Program has been one of her greatest joys. She cannot wait to put those years to use with our child.We really love children and look forward to raising our little one. For the past three years, we have had the pleasure of serving as respite care providers for our friend, who is a Therapeutic Foster Parent for two young children.As a Christian family, our faith plays a major role in our lives. Sunday mornings and evenings are devoted to attending church services. We also attend other church functions and special events. We can’t wait to share our faith with our little one – praying before meals, having regular family devotion, and being involved in many aspects of ministry.Our family has experience with adoption, as Rachelle’s cousin placed her newborn for private adoption with a close family friend. We also have a number of friends that have adopted or been adopted. Our little one will always have love and support surrounding her adoption story.

Closing Thoughts

We promise to guide and protect your baby in a loving, Christian home. We will raise your child with grace and respect. We are truly blessed and thankful to be trusted with one of God’s greatest gifts. We value you and the love you have for your child as you consider making an adoption plan. Your child will always know their story and how amazing you are! We are open to any level of adoption.

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Adoption Professional: A Child's Hope

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