From My Heart to Yours Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I cannot imagine what you are experiencing right now as an expectant mother making the choice of open adoption.I acknowledge the strength and courage it takes to consider open adoption. I am adopting because I have always dreamed of having my own family.  I was unable to have children naturally, and felt called to pursue adoption as I have dear friends who have adopted and are excited for me to join them on this path.  Their joy and fulfillment continue to inspire me.I want to welcome you and your child into my heart and hope we develop a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Contact Info:

Adoption Professional: Hailey Andrews

Quick Facts


Age: 49

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian

Profession: Psychotherapist

Education: Masters Degree

Interests: Dance, soccer, cooking, hiking, cultural events, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Our Community

State: Georgia

City: Atlanta

Neighborhood: Urban

Other Children: No

Pets: None

Child Preferences

Age: Up to 2 years

Gender: No Preference

Ethnicity: Any

Special Needs: Mildly Correctable

Type of Adoption: No Preference

About Us

I am a deeply compassionate and creative person with a zest for life that I cannot wait to share with my little one!I have a close-knit family who is excited to meet my child. My mom and auntie have already talked about knitting baby clothes! My nephews are so curious if I will adopt a boy or a girl!  I am blessed to have a career that I love as a dance movement therapist because I get to help people, which is really important to me.  I have lots of great friends that are supportive of my adoption journey, and are excited to be a part of my new little one’s life.I enjoy the arts and attend a variety of cultural events throughout the year, which is something I am looking forward to sharing with my child.I am excited to give my child a sense of awareness and understanding of diverse cultures through cooking different foods, listening to a wide variety of music, and always, always dancing together.Fun Facts About Me:I love board games-I grew up playing scrabble and monopoly, and enjoy playing these games with my family and friends (especially with my friends’ kids!) I look forward to teaching my child the value of teamwork and shared experiences.I love to read! I enjoy historical fiction as I love a good story while learning about a period of history and imagining traveling to that place.  I am so excited for my little one to learn how to read so we can explore adventures in books. I want to take her to library story hour, encourage him to dream and imagine through books as well as through creative play, and am excited about creating our family story together.I really enjoy cozy holiday traditions, and look forward to doing things with my little one like baking & decorating Christmas cookies, sharing hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows, and watching Rudolph while the Christmas lights are twinkling.I adore taking pictures, capturing my friends and family in fun moments is one of my favorite things to do.  I can’t wait to create photo albums of my child’s enjoyment of fun-filled memories of each birthday, play, travel, time with family and friends.I love being in the water!  I can’t wait to take my little one to the beach to swim and play on the sand. I have a cart full of sand toys ready to go!

Our Home & Community

My Home & CommunityI love my cozy home! My favorite room in the house is my kitchen.  Making my classics as well as trying out new recipes with my child is definitely a bucket list item for me!  I have a fenced-in yard for playtime and maintain compost to make sure I am taking care of the environment.My house is located on a tree-lined street with friendly neighbors from diverse backgrounds. I really enjoy taking daily walks to our local park.  There are several swings, two playgrounds, and fun murals that will be so much fun to take my child to for outdoor playtime.My neighborhood has a lot of kids and activities geared towards families, such as our annual Halloween festival, Easter egg hunt at the local park, and tree lighting ceremony in the village at Christmastime. I am looking forward to my child and I getting together with neighborhood families to share in the fun!There are so many great things to see and do in Atlanta.  The Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta History Center and Fernbank Nature Center are just a few examples of places to explore with my child in our local community. The mountains are a short drive north, while local trails offer easy hiking, scenic picnic spots and educational nature programming.My VillageI have close friends who live nearby and are so excited to be aunties & uncles!We like to get together for BBQs, hiking trips, Atlanta United soccer matches & local festivals.I am also part of a special community of women called Single Mothers by Choice, which includes many mothers and adoptive kids from a wide range of multicultural backgrounds. We support each other with advice and friendship.It takes a village to raise a child, and I have made sure I have a diverse, strong, and happy village.Quotes from Friends“Ingrid is an amazing person, she’s kind, compassionate, and very maternal. She would be a great mother because she gives her heart and soul to relationships. She loves with everything within her. I am so privileged to call her a friend.”  Kortney“When I met Ingrid, we were working in a hospital setting. I was immediately drawn by her lightness of spirit and ability to create a space for people to feel safe and peaceful within an otherwise cold and desperate place. What more could we want for our children? Ingrid is a wonderful balance of spirited curiosity, passion and steadfast professionalism. Since I’ve known her, being a mother has been at the fore of her mind, heart and intentions. Any child would be blessed to live in her embrace.”  Myra“Ingrid is one of the most empathetic and nurturing people I’ve had the privilege to call friend. She is supportive, compassionate, and genuinely invested in the welfare of her friends and family. Her innate curiosity and passion for continuous learning, personal development, and meaningful experiences are what makes her such a wonderful person to be around — and are tremendous assets she would bring to raising a child. I have no doubt that she would provide a stable, loving and enriching family environment as well as a joyful home for any lucky new addition to her world.” Rachel

Our Thoughts about Parenting & Adoption

Thank you so much for reading about me, and considering me as your child’s adoptive mom.  I want you to know that I am prepared for the blessing of raising a child of my own.  I am dedicated to honoring your role and giving my child the chance to see how truly loved he or she is by both you and me.I am a firm believer in nurturing play, cultivating knowledge and honoring nature.  For all of these reasons, I believe I have something very special to offer a child.I will read with my child, I will play with my child, and I will spend quality time with my child. I will be attentive to their challenges and struggles as they grow. Providing a child with the opportunities to feel safe exploring the world, to feel free to develop his or her imagination, and to dream her or his biggest dreams while experiencing unconditional love, would be the greatest gift!

Closing Thoughts

My Promise to YouMy child will always know her or his adoption story and the wonderful way we became a family.I promise to create a home filled with warmth and security, so she or he will grow into a happy, confident and strong adult.I promise to create a life full of traditions and celebrations, including those from my family and culture, your family and culture, as well as new ones that my child and I create together, so my child will know who we are as a family and value his or her family of origin.I promise to instill in my child an appreciation for the beauty to be found in each day to foster peace and balance in his or her life.I promise that my child will know love, diversity and respect from our village of support.Finally, I will provide unconditional love and support so she or he can feel comfortable asking questions and exploring every aspect of life.I will always be grateful to you for considering the path of adoption.

Contact Info:

Adoption Professional: Hailey Andrews

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