Julie & Kirk

We are Julie and Kirk, parents of Thomas, Henry, Rory, Sam, Savannah and Isaac.  We met through a personal ad that Julie placed in a local newspaper after watching Oprah’s tips on how to write a successful ad.  We quickly became best friends and our wedding took place about a year and a half after we met.  We’ve been married now for nearly 25 years and are still going strong.   We love one another and our children and just enjoy being together.   As a family we are laid back and calm.  We are not constantly busy so that the kids have time to just be kids and play.   The kids are involved in various activities of their choice including gymnastics and robotics.  We love some routines such as Friday night movie nights and dinner together at the table but also love spontaneous road trips and festivals and trips to the beach. 

Contact Info: Adoptionhopes@aol.com

Quick Facts


Age: 50

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Spiritual

Profession: Full Time Mom

Education: College Diploma

Interests: Concerts, Cooking, Cars, Travel, Reading scary books, Socializing feral cats, cars.


Age: 61

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian

Profession: Investments

Education: Masters Degree

Interests: Restoring old cars/trucks/tractors. Spending time with my family. Going on road trips. Reading.

Our Community

Years Together: 25

State: Indiana

City: Columbus

Neighborhood: Rural

Other Children: We have 6 (4 adopted)

Pets: Cats, 2 Lab Mixes and a Porky Pug

Child Preferences

Age: No Preference

Gender: No Preference

Ethnicity: Open

Special Needs: Yes

Type of Adoption: No Preference

About Us

Kirk is the oldest of four children.   He has two sisters and a brother and is closest to his brother.  His parents are busy enjoying retirement and travel all over the world.   Kirk has an undergraduate degree in Journalism and a Masters in Teaching which a concentration in Special Education.  He worked for several years in the Special Education classroom.  Kirk enjoys playing with the kids,  fixing stuff, working on old cars and tractors, reading and travel.  His latest hobby is fixing learning how to sew and quilt on old sewing machines.

 Julie is an only child who grew up in the midwest and Florida.   Her dad passed away about 12  years ago but her mom is alive and lives nearby.   Julie majored in Human Resources and Criminology and later went back for Elementary Education as well.   In her free time, Julie enjoys cooking, reading, being outside, helping rescue feral cats, rock music and cars.  Her greatest love and joy is her children.  As a stay at home mom, she is thankful to have tons of time to spend with the kids and enjoys even the smallest of moments.   She is a laid back mom and tries to let the kids learn and discover things for themselves.

Thomas is a recent college grad..  He was diagnosed with Autism at age 3 and has overcome so many challenges in life.  He works at a Calvin Klein outlet store.  He drives, has a girlfriend, and loves hanging out with his friends.  He is kind and has the best sense of humor.  His goal is to become a Social Worker and work in the field of adoption. 

Henry is 20 years old and is a Sophomore at the University of Michigan.   He’s the project manager for one of the school clubs and is busy building an airplane.  He enjoys anything aviation-related and hopes to one day attain his pilot’s license.   He volunteers with cat rescue and loves spending time with his younger siblings.  Henry maintains an A average and takes advanced classes.

Rory came home from China at age 2.   He was the cutest toddler with this crazy laugh and wild sense of humor.  He still has his crazy laugh which makes us laugh!   He is now 17 and attends high school.    Rory has Global Developmental Delays and is educated in the regular classroom.   He made B Honor Roll last year and is hoping to do the same this year!  His favorite subject is Science and he loves to talk about weather or moon phases.  In his free time, he loves playing Nintendo and Pokemon.  His favorite foods are dumplings and noodles (He wanted me to add that part about food.

Sam was born in South Carolina.  Julie was the first person to hold him and was right there to coach his birth mom during labor.  It was a beautiful experience that she will never forget!   Sam is now in 4th grade and is so proud of himself and his reading abilities.  He’s smart, funny, inquisitive and just a great guy.   He loves cartoons and cars and swimming.  His favorite food is hot dogs.  He even dressed up as a hot dog last Halloween!  We have an open adoption with Sam’s birth family.

Savannah is another South Carolina baby.  We found out that she was being born and went to the hospital immediately!  Her birth mom chose a closed adoption at first but we have since formed a really great relationship with Savannah’s birth family.   Savannah is very artistic and loves drawing and painting.  She will be entering first grade this fall and is doing very well!   She loves horses and wants to take horseback riding lessons.  She also loves cats and stuffed animals.

Isaac came home to us at the age of 6 months.  He was born here in the USA but his birth parents are both from China.  He has a few delays and some major sensory issues.   His favorite things include iPhones, remote controls and chasing cats around the house.  We have an open adoption with his birth family as well.

Our Home & Community

Our home is a large log cabin located on about 42 acres of land in Southern Indiana.  We are about 10 minutes from town so it’s the best of both worlds.  We have 5 bedrooms and a movie theater as well as a swimming pool out back.  We love seeing the deer and wild turkeys roam our fields.  It’s peaceful and yet we are not far from parks and schools.  

Our Thoughts about Parenting & Adoption

We had always talked about wanting to adopt when we were dating.  Both of us were active in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program and we hoped for a big family.  Our two biological sons were born and about 6 and 3 years when we decided the time was right to adopt.  Rory came home from China at age 2.  A few years later, we adopted Sam and then Savannah.  Isaac came home to us in 2018.  We love adoption and think of our kid’s birth families as part of our own.  We have experience with tons of special needs and are open to older kids and sibling sets.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks so much for reading our profile.  Wishing you all the best!!

Contact Info: Adoptionhopes@aol.com

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