Kimberly & Michael

Dear Expectant Mama and Family,We are Kimberly and Michael and excited to be first time parents. Thank you for considering adoption, we can not imagine a more selfless love. There is nothing we want more than to pour love and care into your child’s life as a member of our family. We will provide a safe home full of opportunity, laughter, and faith. We live in a NJ beach town, on a dead end street, across from a beautiful park with playgrounds, sports and trails. The ice cream truck visits twice a day! We are a blend of energy & determination. I keep Michael on his toes and he keeps me grounded. We want to share life with a child and watch the wonder as they discover the world. Respectfully and with Love, Kimberly and Michael

Contact Info: 848-285-3671

Adoption Professional: 732-297-5882

Quick Facts


Age: 45

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Catholic

Profession: Pharmacist

Education: Bachelor Degree

Interests: Music, dancing with my niece, dance lessons with Michael, board games, walking dogs in the park and neighborhood, family time, fire pit gatherings, vacation, quiet time with my cat


Age: 35

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Spiritual

Profession: Business Owner

Education: Other

Interests: Dogs, lifting weights and exercise, traveling, beach, good food, documentaries, dates with my wife, cozy time on rainy days, long walks in winter and fall

Our Community

Years Together: 6

State: New Jersey

City: Ocean

Neighborhood: Suburban

Other Children: No human babies, only fur babies with 4 paws

Pets: Jasper kitty, Giabelle our shy pup until she sees a ball, Nina pup kisses!

Child Preferences

Age: 0-6 Months

Gender: No Preference

Ethnicity: Caucasian, European

Special Needs: Open To Discussion

Type of Adoption: No Preference

About Us

Michael and I met after months of seeing each other in the gym and local events in our community. A mutual friend was helping my girlfriend move into my house and we needed some extra man power. I decided to make the first move and boldly ask for his help with a promise of home cooked meatballs. My grandma always said a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! I later learned when Michael was given my phone number he had it stored as “Future Wife”. Fast forward three years, outside of church he pulled up in a new car and said “check out the inside.” I opened the door to find the cutest puppy you could imagine (well you won’t have to because there will be pics). I picked her up and cuddled her, I asked her name while spinning her collar to read the tag. Guess what! In place of a tag was a ring. I look up to find Michael on one knee <3 We are not perfect but we are perfect for each other. We truly compliment each other, as Michael says we are Yin and Yang. We inspire and support each other’s goals. When Michael started his business I knew he would succeed and expressed to him my confidence just as he did for me when I was surrounded by books studying for an important exam. Sometimes we had to make each other laugh to lighten the stress or be a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously. Being surprised with Breyers Neapolitan ice cream never seems to fail. Yummy! We love to travel and see the world. Jamaica and Mexico are our favorites so far but who wouldn’t fall in love with the rainforests and waterfalls. We also enjoy an Airbnb log cabin or lake house with friends for snow tubing, cook outs, and the beach. On the flip side we love to stay home and snuggle with the dogs by the fire or binge watch a good series with take out and of course…. Ice cream! Hahaha 🙂 We can let the ice cream slide because Michael works out like a maniac and I hike the trails with the dogs and dance around the house. I have taken dance lessons my entire life up until COVID-19 hit but am looking forward to returning soon. I miss the ballroom, salsa, jive, samba and waltz.  We go together too, learning hustle and rumba. Love it! The skinny on each other:Michael says Kimberly is…Full of energy, animated, and outgoing. She is my little bulldog, going after her dreams full force but with love and enthusiasm. Stopping along the way to say hello and meet everyone. She is a supportive wife and a great daughter, sister and aunt and has lots of friends. Somehow she manages to fit more projects into her life than most people would think or care to accomplish. Which reminds me of her love for arts and crafts. Thank goodness we have the room to store her collections of glitter and glue and other stuff I am not creative enough to think to keep. Kimberly says Michael is…Determined, focused and disciplined. He is protective and makes me feel like I am the only woman in the world. He works harder than anyone I know and not just for us but because he wants his friends who he brought into his business to always be successful in supporting their families. He concerns himself with what is in the best interest of all our families. He is considerate and passionate. He is spiritual and seeks to be a better person everyday. He is helpful and generous and takes good care of the people he loves.  

Our Home & Community

We chose our neighborhood because it is a great place to raise a family. The area is safe, beautiful and established. We did not want a development like we see popping up where there are rows of matching brick houses. Here there are generations of families with children and pets and lots of kindness. Every other house has a boat or a jet ski in the driveway or maybe a paddle board and canoe but the feeling of togetherness and sustainability is in the air. Spring and summer offer a delicious farmers market, pick your own berries, and a historical agricultural museum with old farm equipment to see. All this across the road from the Horse Riding Academy! We both love fall the most, the colors along the hiking trail are vibrant and the crisp air is refreshing. Winter is like a picture when the fields are covered with snow. Watching the dogs chase snowflakes is hysterical.  When we moved in the neighbors came to say hello and brought us a candle, residents share in the shoveling after snow storms and if you leave your car lights on somebody stops by to let you know. Honestly it almost feels like going back in time before video games when after school meant kick ball, freeze tag, and bicycles.  Both or our families are close by which is very important to us. We spend lots of time with our parents, siblings and friends whether it is for Sunday dinner, BBQ, hanging out around the firepit or just stopping by for lunch. We have Goddaughters and nieces who are anxiously awaiting a cousin. Our nieces come over to enjoy the swing set we already have in the yard and to enjoy the community festivities during holidays. A question we were asked: “What is one word you would use to describe your family?” Our answers…Kimberly- Supportive. Other words would be affectionate, silly, generous, present, fun. Devoted, best friends, United. Woops! Sorry, it’s hard to pick just one. Michael- Grateful

Our Thoughts about Parenting & Adoption

Kimberly: “Deep down I always knew I would adopt. When I was about 11 years old I asked my mother to sponsor a child in need shown on T.V. We received a letter and a picture of the child and were kept updated on how our sponsorship was helping with food, vaccines, school and more. From that time I said I would have one biological child and one adopted. Having a biological child did not work out for us but we know God has a bigger plan.” Michael:“We both love to help others in so many ways, and maybe that is one reason God brought us together. We both are dedicated to helping others and adoption may be a way to build our family and help someone else who is struggling with hardship. I think we are meant to adopt.” Through adoption we pray many hearts will heal as represented by the Adoption Trinity Symbol, three kinds of love forever intertwined. We are open to your level of openness. We know that what this journey will look like can not be spelled out by any one person and we especially can not begin to write it without you. Our hope is to meet you and grow together and be supportive of each other and the child. Our wish for you is that you can feel our love and gratitude and trust that we will be kind, patient and loving to both you and your baby. Always. Parenting a child will be an extraordinary gift. We will practice patience and strive to instill the principles we live by. Emotional education and self awareness are crucial for healthy development. Discipline will not mean punishment it will mean to teach and train. We will address poor behavior with lessons not isolation or cruelty. A good example I read about is if my child goes bicycling without a helmet we will not take the bike away for 2 weeks instead they will be required to undergo a full safety check before leaving the garage for 2 weeks. We believe when children behave badly it isn’t because they won’t be good but because they can’t, don’t know how, or are maybe too young to be expected to understand certain things. *Principles We Live By*

  • We are both spiritual and practice being humble and helpful to others
  • Trust each other
  • To Love 
  • Honesty and devotion
  • Integrity – we believe one does what they say they will do
  • Kindness and tolerance 
  • Accepting our own and each others imperfections
  • Be brave in the face of fear and don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • To carry the Spirit of Forgiveness 
  • Have Faith, Trust God, Help Others
  • Flirt with each other and Laugh!

Closing Thoughts

When raising our adoptive child He or She will be raised knowing how we came to be a family. We will tell the story of how we were blessed with parenthood, our dream come true, which was bestowed upon us through the strength and courage of their birth mother. We will read books about love and sacrifice and share how An Angel picked us to make our family and to ensure a happy full life. We will utilize resources and provide access to our friends who are adoptive parents and adult adoptees. Our family and friends are over the moon excited and supportive of our decision. Our nursery is packed with items from friends and family ready for an infant both boy or girl. We have a suitcase and diaper bag in the car at all times in preparation for a last minute, out of the blue call. We will waste no time to be where you are and stand by your side to bring your baby into the world surrounded by love.

Contact Info: 848-285-3671

Adoption Professional: 732-297-5882

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