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We are so excited and thankful that you’re going to get to know a little bit about us. We know that we’ve never met, but we want to tell you that we have been praying specifically for you for quite a long time. We knew early on in our marriage that adoption would be part of our life, but we just weren’t sure as to when. We want you to know how appreciative we are of you for choosing love and life for your baby. We know how selfless you are for this very reason. We both promise to love your baby with every ounce of love that we have been waiting for so long to share. Truth is, we already love them, because in our prayers about you, they always include them, and always will. We are so excited to be parents, not only to share our hearts, but to share our life, our experiences, our morals, our happiness, and nurturing our child’s dreams and needs throughout their life. We feel honored that you are considering us as adoptive parents… and hope you enjoy learning more about us.

With love, Nick & Lauren

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Quick Facts


Age: 35

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian

Profession: Clinical Manager for ABA programs for children with Autism

Education: Masters Degree

Interests: I love family time, cooking, taking pictures, going camping, beach days with the dogs, going to concerts (outdoor concerts are my favorite), vacations, and pool days with friends!


Age: 34

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian

Profession: Associate Director of Marketing Analytics at a BioTech company

Education: MBA

Interests: I love sports, going fishing, golfing, camping, hiking, watching sports, traveling, playing the drums, BBQ’s at our house, and taking care of my family and friends!

Our Community

Years Together: 9

State: California

City: Encinitas

Neighborhood: Suburban

Other Children: No

Pets: We have two loving, fun golden retrievers, Chief & Sunny and they LOVE kids

Child Preferences

Age: 0-6 Months

Gender: No Preference

Ethnicity: We are open to a child from any ethnicity

Special Needs: Open To Discussion

Type of Adoption: Open

About Us

Let me tell you a little bit about my husband Nick…
Nick loves hard, he’s fiercely protective and immensely loyal! These qualities alone would make him the best dad but
wait, there’s more! Nick is the guy that will stay up extra late after work to help someone solve a problem, throw over
100 baseball pitches at the park with our godson, and remind me during the tough days, that God has perfect timing.
Nick loves creating memories. He will plan camping trips with family and friends and then be the first up in the
morning to make sure everyone has hot coffee and a campfire ready. He is the best host of any party and throws pork
in the smoker before the sun comes up just so we can invite people over to BBQ! When I picture Nick as a dad, I see
him reading bedtime books and saying nighttime prayers, building forts, going fishing, playing dress up, playing
sports, helping with their homework, snuggling up to watch movies, making s’mores, lots of laughter, and teaching
morals to our kids through life experiences. I am thankful to have such an amazing, loving man on my team to parent
Well, where do I possibly begin in telling you about Lauren?
Lauren is the most thoughtful and selfless person. She’s the one that sees a group trying to take their own picture and
offers to take it for them. She also never forgets a special day in someone’s life. From birthdays to career milestones
and anything in between, Lauren pays attention and will do her best to make those days extra special for her family &
friends. Whether she’s lending a helping hand or offering a place to stay for the night, you can count on Lauren to take
care of those she loves. And if Lauren says she’s going to do something, you can basically cross it off the checklist and
consider it done. She is definitely a woman of her word! More than anything I have learned just how resilient and
determined my wife is. Nothing will get in the way of her achieving her dream of parenthood…despite the personal
sacrifices that she has endured along the way. Lauren was born to be a mother. You can see it in the way she interacts
with the autistic children she works with helping them progress towards their own goals or dropping in on our nieces
and nephews and showering them with hugs and smooches. Lauren’s happiest days are when she is around children
and I cannot wait for all the amazing memories we have in store for our future family.

Our Home & Community

We live in a small beach town in San Diego, and it’s really such a cool little spot. We are so grateful to live about a 10 minute walk to the beach, 5 minute walk to the park, and probably an 8 minute walk to the best donut shop in San Diego (we may be biased – but we had them at our wedding instead of a cake). Also there are a few local restaurants, and really neat nurseries within walking distance as well. In the community around us, there are excellent schools, so many parks, beautiful lagoons and trails, and shopping centers. An hour drive can get us to the cutest mountain town and we love driving up there sometimes to spend the day with a little change of scenery, and a warm slice of the best pie. We love nature, and will always want to live in a place that exudes how beautiful nature is!

Our Thoughts about Parenting & Adoption

We have been dreaming of becoming parents for years. Family is so important to each of us and we knew early on into our relationship that we were both so ready to be parents. We went through fertility treatments for about 6 years to try to become parents, but we felt that God had different plans all along. Through those long years, we learned prolonged patience, that we are stronger than we initially thought, and that more than anything in the world, we both know we not only want to be parents, but it’s so engrained in our hearts. We love spending time with our nieces, nephews, and friends children, and we cannot wait for them to have a new cousin and friend. Adoption will always be a part of our lives, through some of our best friends who have adopted two daughters and are fostering the sweetest baby boy, and because Nick’s brother Connor and his fiancé Pat will also be adopting in order to grow their family. Our parents, brothers and sisters, and extended family are all so supportive and cannot wait to share all their love as well!

Closing Thoughts

Our promise to you…

Thank you so much for considering us as adoptive parents for your baby. We know that this decision is the most important, and we want to reassure you that we will love your child unconditionally, and endlessly, to the fullest of our hearts. We promise to care for him or her to the best of our abilities, cherish every moment we have together, create an abundance of opportunities for happiness, laughter, fun and lots of tickle wars, create a safe and stable home environment, and be there to teach and guide your child through life’s ups and downs. Being a parent doesn’t stop at a certain age, and we know how important it is to always be there for them! Lastly, we promise to respect you, your level of openness, and always speak of you with admiration. Please know that we will continue to be praying for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, and sending the biggest hugs your way!

With so much love,
Nick & Lauren

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