Nina & Galen

Hi! We’re Nina and Galen, a married couple from New York City, hoping to adopt a newborn from anywhere in the US. We’ve known since we started seriously dating that someday we wanted to have a family. We thought we’d have a relatively easy time conceiving, just like so many of our friends, but two years and one miscarriage later, it’s turned out not to be the case for us. Even though the biology just hasn’t worked out, we still very much want to raise children. Through adoption, we’ll be able to! Families don’t have to be dictated by blood and genes — love is enough, and we have that in endless supply!

What We Have to Offer a Child:

  • A safe and stable home
  • Access to a good education
  • The rich cultural resources of New York City
  • Laughter, music, and a love of books
  • Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in an enormous and loving extended family
  • Family vacations and outdoor adventures
  • Parents who will love and cherish their adopted child as their own deeply, forever, and unconditionally.

Contact Info: or Text/Call: 917-830-6171

Adoption Professional: Lisa Goldberg, Esq.

Quick Facts


Age: 33

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Agnostic

Profession: Singer and fitness instructor

Education: PhD

Interests: Music (both performing & listening), reading, cooking & baking, snuggling on couch with Galen & the kitties, hiking & other outdoorsy stuff, strolling around neighborhood & park


Age: 41

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Agnostic

Profession: Computer programmer

Education: Masters Degree

Interests: Music (songwriting, singing, messing around on the piano & accordion), problem-solving, hiking, building stuff, running, watching movies (Christopher Nolan is my favorite!)

Our Community

Years Together: 5

State: New York

City: New York

Neighborhood: Urban

Other Children: Not yet!

Pets: We have two wonderful, affectionate cats, Clyde and Elliott.

Child Preferences

Age: 0-6 Months

Gender: No Preference

Ethnicity: No preference

Special Needs: Open To Discussion

Type of Adoption: No Preference

About Us

We both studied music in college and graduate school, and when we first met, we bonded very quickly over this shared interest. So, music continues to remain an important part of our relationship. We also enjoy cooking together and reading aloud to each other. We’re very lucky to live in New York City where we get to have all kinds of adventures – festivals, concerts, museums, and lectures. But it sure is nice to escape to visit family in New Hampshire and on Long Island!

About Nina:I grew up on Long Island with my parents, my younger brother, and many pets over the years. My home was always full of music and activity, and an emphasis on healthy eating and physical fitness. My parents met as music majors in college, although now my mom is a successful psychologist who runs her own practice. And my dad’s career in finance has never kept him from his piano! My brother is in finance, as well, but is also an accomplished songwriter and sound engineer, and he just recently got married to a terrific lady!While I went to school for music and completed my doctorate in 2018, I actually make my living as both a professional musician and a professional fitness instructor. I have performed everywhere from Carnegie Hall to B.B. King’s Blues Club to dives in Brooklyn. As to fitness, I have been freelancing all over New York City ever since the age of 18.I’m passionate about music and exercise, but about lots of other things, too: I love to read and to learn, and I’ve always been interested in science. I also quite like to cook and bake. My three other great joys in life are, of course, Galen and our two delightful cats, Clyde and Elliott.

About Galen:I have wanted to be a dad since I was 3 years old and asked my parents for “a baby” for my birthday. They gave me a doll, and then a little brother about a year later. Fast forward a few years, and I’m definitely ready, but it hasn’t worked out yet.I grew up in Upstate New York and New Hampshire, and my childhood was full of hiking and camping, playing in the woods behind our house, and a lot of singing and music lessons and trips to the library. My dad is an engineer and teaches college physics. My mom runs non-profit organizations and freelances as a museum curator. My brother is hilarious, designs video games for a living, and has published two novels for elementary school kids.After growing up on dirt roads, I decided to try city life. I went to college and graduate school for music and then moved to Manhattan. I love visiting my family in the woods, but at this point I’m a die-hard New Yorker. (Just don’t tell the people who were born and raised here that I said that….) I have made a career as a computer programmer for non-profit arts organizations; I make music during my free time; and Nina and I have made a wonderful home together.

Our Home & Community

We live in a terrific, family-friendly, and diverse Manhattan neighborhood with our two beloved cats, Clyde and Elliott. We’re fortunate to live near some of the greatest parks in the city, and to be just a short drive from some of the greatest parks in the state! We also have very easy access to all of the wonderful cultural resources New York City has to offer, from the stunning architecture around our neighborhood, to the world class museums and concert halls just a walk, bus ride, or train ride away.

Our family and friends are so very important to us. While Nina comes from a medium-size family, Galen has quite a large and diverse extended family—his parents have 11 siblings between them, so he has 17 aunts and uncles, nearly 30 cousins, and all the children of those cousins! One of our favorite summer traditions is attending an annual family reunion where we get to reconnect with them for an extended weekend!Whenever we get out of town to see Galen’s family, we always have some sort of outdoor adventure: hiking, skiing, canoeing, or swimming. Whether at the family’s lakeside cabin or at their village home, there’s always lots of singing around a fire. And they have a wonderful tradition of harmonizing Christmas carols around the piano on Christmas Eve, followed by sharing eggnog and poppyseed cake.

With Nina’s family, we enjoy other holidays and special events. We chat, look through photos, tease each other, and reminisce. Galen and Nina usually bring the soup and a dessert, even though Nina’s mom always provides “enough food to feed an army,” as she likes to say. Often Nina’s best friend shows up with something delicious as well. Sometimes Nina’s brother brings his guitar, or somebody sits down at the piano, or we all just sing along with the radio.

Our two other beloved family members are our sweet cats, Clyde and Elliott. They spend lots of time playing and napping, wrestling and snuggling, and grooming themselves and one another. They especially love cuddles, belly rubs, sunbathing, and, most importantly, eating treats! They’re very excited to welcome a human sibling…because then Mommy and Daddy will be too distracted to shoo them off the kitchen counter!

Our Thoughts about Parenting & Adoption

We’ve longed to become parents for years, and are tremendously excited to be on this adoption journey. We’re most looking forward to the little things: reading bedtime stories together, teaching our son or daughter to tie their shoes, singing together in the car as we drive to visit Grandma and Grandpa, and eating coconut ices as we build sand castles at Jones Beach in the summer. We are so excited to one day be able to share our adventures, traditions, stories, and explorations with a child. We want Galen’s parents to be able to take their granddaughter to museums and teach her to rock climb, and we want Nina’s parents to be able to go kayaking with their grandson and watch “The Wizard of Oz” with him; Nina is excited to sing and play on the floor with her child, and Galen can’t wait to read “Harry Potter” to his son or daughter.

We both feel very fortunate in how we were raised: Our parents taught us to value kindness, compassion, learning, curiosity, and creativity. They chose encouragement and understanding over discipline or anger. They were there to catch us when we fell, but cultivated our sense of independence and confidence. They are proud of our successes, and sympathetic about our failures. And, like all parents, they made mistakes, but they never let us doubt that we were loved. This is how we want to parent, too. Like our own parents, we will make mistakes along the way, but we will never stop being thoughtful and loving, and we will do our best to instill those same values in our child.

While we lean towards preferring a semi-open adoption, with the right match all options are definitely on the table — our goal is to craft an adoption plan together which will meet everybody’s needs. Nina’s mom, Gayle, was adopted at birth, so this child will be raised in a family where adoption, and its complex mix of challenges and joys, is already part of a loving inter-generational story. Your child will always be loved and supported, will always know where he or she came from, and will always know the story of your heartbreaking and loving choice.

Closing Thoughts

Family is so much more than blood. Family is about acceptance and getting messy and being there even when things are hard. Above all, though, family is about love. Your child will grow up knowing that he or she is unconditionally loved, wanted, accepted, and celebrated for being exactly who they are. And we want you to become part of our big, beautiful, messy family, as well, in whatever capacity you want.

So, thank you for taking the time to look through our profile — we are deeply grateful for your consideration, and very humbled by your strength. We’re sending lots of love your way, and would love to hear from you if you think we might possibly be a match!


Text/Call: 917-830-6171


Contact Info: or Text/Call: 917-830-6171

Adoption Professional: Lisa Goldberg, Esq.

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