Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us!   I am a single mom with an amazing support system of friends and family. I have always been a single mom so no concerns that is difficult. Our family has only grown thru adoption.   My family is diverse which makes us all unique.  We love to do things together from game night to trips to Disney.  We have pets who mean the world to us!  Our family also includes 4 large gentle dogs, 5 cats and many small animals.  We have many small animals and aquariums as well.  Pets are a huge part of our lives. They are our family too!  We have shared our home and hearts with a number of foster kids who have been able to go home to their parents.  Some I am lucky to be in touch with and others I hold dear to my heart.  I hope to finalize my family so I can grow old with my kids and one day have some grandchildren. Please continue to read and hope you love our tribe as much as I know we will love you and yours!

Contact Info: growdiekenfamily@gmail.com

Quick Facts


Age: 45

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Lutheran

Profession: Software Development

Education: High School Diploma

Interests: All things Disney, pets, swimming, kids

Our Community

State: Colorado

Neighborhood: Suburban

Other Children: Yes

Pets: Cats, dogs, fish and small animals

Child Preferences

Age: No Preference

Gender: No Preference

Ethnicity: Any

Special Needs: Yes

Type of Adoption: No Preference

About Us

Hi, I am Marguerite but go by Ritee.  I am 45 and financially stable with a great career which allows me to work from home.  I have been a foster mom for many years.  I have loved and lost many kids and am desperately wanting to finalize our family.  We are open to all kids no matter special need, gender, or race!  My kids are Native American, Hispanic and African American – while I am Caucasian.  We are for sure a multi-cultural family!  We love to celebrate our differences at the same time as what holds us together, which is love! Pets are a huge part of our family as well!  We also love Disney!  We go to Disney yearly and it brings so much happiness to all of us!  The kids also participate in many different types of activities such as Girls Scouts, volleyball, swimming, cheer, dance, 4H, archery and many more!  My girls are longing to be big sisters again. please help us make our dreams of a baby that stays forever come true!Jasmine is 22 yrs old who loves singing.  Works as a marketing manager. Amazing with her little sisters and loves spending time with them. Alejandro is 23 yrs old who has a passion for cars.  Works full time as a valet and is the love of Jasmine’s life.  He recently started modeling. He watches car races like they are Sunday football. Heaven loves one direction and archery.  She is in 9th grade and is a whiz at computers. She is 14 yrs old and has learned to be a great cook! Soraya is the wild and crazy clown of the bunch.  This 13 yr old is always making someone laugh.  Her kind heart also allows you to be drawn to her.  She is a competitive swimmer who also have a flare for ballet.  Isabella is a twin and is 12 yrs old.  Her competitive nature takes over and she loves to win. You can see this in her swimming ability and game playing! She is the tom boy of the family who loves Mandalorian!  Aleana is 12 yrs old and is the opposite of her twin. She is all girl who loves dresses and jewelry.  She is a cheerleader who has a huge love for Harry Potter! This girl is in gifted classes at school as well!  Emerson is the constantly active and talking girl.  She is 8 yrs old and is not happy with being the baby.  She wants to be a big sister!  She is definitely into anything Frozen!As you can see each person in our family is unique, but together we are strong!

Our Home & Community

We built our house 4 years ago and it has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a great open family room.  We have a fenced backyard with climbing toys, sandbox, playhouse and flowers.  We have turf so not worry about mud when we play in the sprinklers on a hot day!We love to put up the outdoor inflatable movie screen, which happens to be Mickey Mouse.  It is a great time to watch movies with the neighborhood friends!  Block parties are a great deal of fun with bike club, plunko, corn hole and more!Our house is decorated with Disney in many spots.  We are lucky to have space for two nurseries, which are complete set up.  I also have all the baby needs like swings, high chairs, excersaucers and more clothes than any child could need!  We have toys in each room as well as all over my living room!  There is not much a child can want for in our house, but yet I find ways to buy more! We are very blessed with an amazing house to call home!We live in one of the most beautiful states there is to live. We live in Colorado just outside of the Denver metro, in a town that has been named one of the best places to live multiple times recently. Our metro community offers so much for our family to do.  From the mountains, zoo, amusement park, downtown, red rocks, and just being in our neighborhood.Our local neighborhood is even more amazing! We have many large families in our neighborhood and the kids all play often. It also has 3 parks, 2 pools, and an activity center which are all walking distances and part of the HOA.  indoor pool/playground, sports leagues and teams. We have lots of retail, great schools that are walking distance and much more. In addition, the town has a recreation center for trampolines.Our pre-k thru middle school which has an amazing special education program and is walking distance from our house. The local high schools each offer wonderful special education programs and the flexibility to learn in small classrooms or an online setting.

Our Thoughts about Parenting & Adoption

Parenting is the most rewarding and challenging thing I have ever experienced.  You would think I have it mastered after so many kids, but truth is every kid is different.  Just like every relationship you have is different.  I love getting to know each of my kids as they grow and change.  To support then and love them no matter what.  I thrive knowing they are happy and learned something new.  However, I am broken when they are hurting over that boy or friend.  It is a world of ups and downs.  All I can do is promise to be here with them for all of them.  As a parent, it is my role to set an example – show them a path and watch.  Of courser redirect at times as needed.  I an a fierce protector but also not a person who prevents them from doing and learning.  I believe it takes a village to raise kids.  I have a village and we can continue to find more people who we need in our village.  We pass stories to learn from our elders but also repeat some of the same traditions that are dear to all of our hearts.

Closing Thoughts

It seems so small to say thank you for reading all the way thru this, but I cannot thank you enough!  I hope you find my family as special as I do.  I would love to take the time to get to know you and your precious little one(s).  If you feel a connection with anything I have said or shown you, please reach out.  I promise you that I will love this child as much as I love any child for all of my life!

Contact Info: growdiekenfamily@gmail.com

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