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A 20something birth mother, who placed her son for adoption last September, shares her journey and how she’s learning to love herself again. 

A Birthmom’s Story
 A birthmother shares her thoughts, feelings and insights about her adoption journey and about adoption in general.

A Birth Mother’s Love
A birth mother shares her journey through open adoption.

Insights by a self-described “second Generation birthmom, a birth relative, the first ‘kept’ child of a birthmom and an adoptee’s granddaughter.”

Adoption In the City
Open adoption as seen through a New York city woman who placed her baby with a same sex couple, also from New York city.

Adoption Sucks
A birth mother recalls the pain of losing her child to adoption.

Alice Tells All
A woman who placed her son for adoption because she says it was the best thing for them shares her journey as a birth mom.

All About A Girl
The feelings and thoughts about the effects of adoption by a birth mother.

Amstel Life
A marketing director in Raleigh, North Carolina shares the story of the seven-year-old daughter she placed through open adoption.

Amy S.
The thoughts of a birthmother who placed a child into an open adoption in 2004.

Beautiful Heartsbreaks
A birthmother shares the “beautiful heartbreaks” of her life before and after placement of her baby for adoption.

Being Me
A birth mom in reunion learns about her daughter and about herself.

Beloved’s Adoption Story
A birthmother blog by Cannille, a 20-year-old poet and Jesus follower with a strong love for adoption.

Birthmom Confessionsof
A birth mom describes her journey through adoption.

Birthmom Talks
A birthmother shares her thoughts about adoption loss and other events in her life.

Birthmother–the blog, the book, my life
A birthmother and author discusses her transformation from shame to acceptance, from fear and secrets and lies to truth and courage.

The blog of a mother of two children, one of whom she placed for adoption.

Birthmother Heroes
Offering support to women who have placed a child for adoption.

Birthmother:My Experiences, My Truth
A blog created by a birthmother to educate people about open adoption and birthmothers.  

Birthmother; Reprise
Musing of a birth mom of two boys in a very open adoption.

Birthmother Voice
Open adoption as seen through an author and mother of five children, three of whom were placed for adoption

Blessings in Disguise
Elizabeth blogs about her life after choosing adoption for her daughter.

Bonafide Birthmother
A birthmother with Asperger’s Syndrome who placed three children for adoption shares her story.

Born To Be In Your Arms
A birthmother who recently placed her baby blogs about the double-edge sword that is open adoption.

Coleman Moms and Babes
The official blog of adoptees of the Suemman Coleman home for unwed mothers.

Coley’s Corner
Dishin’ as a wife and a mother of two boys, one of whom was placed for adoption.

Cleveland Birthmother
A 20-something birthmother in an open adoption shares the major landmarks in her relationship, before and after the placement.

Complicated Debbie
Love, laughter and tears of birthmommyhood.

Cruz and Lo
Reflections on open adoption  and life after placing a baby by a self-described “hairstylist, nerd, pug lover, birthmom.”

Diarrhea of a Madman
The story of a birth father and his decision to place his child for adoption.

Embracing the Box With Love
The daily struggle of a birth grandmother in an open adoption and the lessons God is teaching her.

Facing My Own Demons
A journey of self-discovery by a birth mom.

Faith At Christmas Time
A birthmother shares her story after placing her baby for adoption.

For The Love Of Birthmothers
A blog dedicated to serving birthmothers by offering insight, affirmation and community.

I Really Should Be Working
Reflections on being a birth mother – and what being a birth dad should mean.

Infertile First Mom
The musings of a birthmother, former adoption professional and survivor of secondary infertility.

Letters for Brody
A blog by a birthmother who recently placed her baby for adoption, written from a Christian perspective.

Life After Placement
Insights and observations about how to live your life after an adoption placement.

Life is Like
The diary of a birthmother.

Life of A Birthmother
The chronicles of one woman’s life changes since becoming a birthmother.

Little Georgina
A birthmother shares her story before, during and after placement.

Living Though Today
One woman’s experiences as a birth mother.

Mary Reunited
A mother parenting three children talks about her reunion with her fourth, a daughter she placed for adoption years ago.

A birth mom whose daughter has a child of her own discusses the happenings in her family.

Mommyhood Land
The thoughts of a stay-at-home mom who placed a baby and is passionate about adoption.

Motherhood Deleted
The lessons learned by a mother about adoption loss.

A musical first mother’s blog by Kathleen, who has been in reunion with her firstborn daughter, Cathleen, since 1989.

Musing Mother
A birth mother on the impact of losing her child to adoption.

Musings of A Birthmom
A birthmom shares her story and about the unethical adoptions and practices within the adoption industry. 

Musings of the Lame; Life as  Birthmother in Adoption
The online journal of a birth mother devoted to adoption reform.

Mutter and Muse
Muttering and musing about adoption by an adoptive mom after her baby has gone to school.

My Adoption Destination
Jena a birthmother, shares herstory, thoughts and feelings about adoption, life and other things.

My Heart Forever On My Sleeve
Candid thoughts of a birthmom in a very open adoption.

My Inner Fight
Blogging about adoption by a mother of three, one of whom was placed for adoption.

Open Adoption Birthmom
One woman’s journey through open adoption as a birth mother.

Sideshow Barb
The adventures of a birth mother.

The birth mom discusses her journey since placing her daughter for adoption.

Taken At Birth
A birthmother shares the story of her journey to find her birth son, Jamie. 

The Birth Grandma Chronicles
Joy, love, and blessings, in an open adoption, through the eyes of a birthmother’s mom.

The Grace Bond
A birthmom’s journey to embracing grace.

The Happiest Sad
Jill, a birthmother living near Phoenix, Arizona, share the story of what happened after she placed her daughter for adoption.

The Unconditional Love of A Birthmother
The reflections of a birthmother who placed her son in an open adoption nearly 20 years ago.

Therapy is Expensive
The observations of a woman who placed her baby for daughter after an unplanned pregnancy when she was 17.

Three Circles
One woman’s story after she placed her daughter for adoption. 

W’s Birthmom
A birthmom shares the experiences of her placement which went from an open adoption to two pictures a year.

Waiting To Be Told
A birthmother’s inspiring story of adoption, separation, and reunion after nearly 36 years.

We Are Everywhere
Musings by a supporter of natural family preservation and pro life.

Wet Feet
A birth mom dedicated to adoption reform shares her thoughts and feelings.

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