Birth Mother Support Groups

If you have a birth mother support group or know of one that should be here, please let us know.


Birth Mother Baskets
A non-profit organization started by a birthmother that delivers gift baskets to birth mothers who have recently placed their babies for adoption.

BirthMom Buds
A website provides support and assistance to birth mothers and pregnant women considering adoption.

An adoption-friendly resource for women who have placed a baby and for hopeful adoptive parents, too.

Christian Adoption Services
A support group for all birthmothers and expectant mothers considering adoption from all agencies hosted by Christian Adoption Services.

Concerned United Birthmothers
A national organization focusing on birthparents — on their experiences, healing and wisdom. 

On Your Feet Foundation
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping birth mothers and honoring their decision to place their babies for adoption.

On Your Feet Northern California
Nonprofit organization dedicated to helping birth mothers of adopted children and honoring their loving decision to place their babies for adoption.

Three Strands
Serving Birth Moms — through a community of Birth Moms, Adoptive Moms, and older Adopted Children — as they realize their value in the Three Strand cord.

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