Birth Mother Websites

If you have a birth mother website or know of one that should be here, please let us know. Looking to reach more people? Share your story and website link on our blog.


Birthmom Buds
Provides peer counseling, support, encouragement, and friendship to pregnant women considering adoption as well as women who have already placed children for adoption.

[Birthmohter,] First Mother Forum
A place where “first/birth/natural/real mothers” share news and opinions and vent.

Concerned United Birthparents
A group devoted to adoption protection, prevention and reform.

Delivered: My Harrowing Journey As A Birthmother
A birthmother details her experience choosing an alternative option for unplanned pregnancy–adoption

Taken At Birth
A birthmother shares her story of finding her birth son.

Featured Waiting Parents

Adoptee Blogs
Adoption stories from a variety of adoptees

Birth Father Blogs
Read firsthand adoption experiences by birth fathers

Adoptive Parent Websites
Online resources to help you navigate the process

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