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ABC Adoptions
Tips on how to spot red flags and what to do to protect yourself from adoption fraudsters.
Articles and insights into what you need to know if you’re considering a second adoption.

Adoption 101
Promotes safe, ethical and affordable adoptions through education.

Adoption Clubhouse
Through activities and information, this website by the National Adoption Centre helps children experience a sense of belonging to a wider adoption community.

Adoption Learning Partners
Online courses about attachment, grief and loss for adoptive applicants and adoptive parents to supplement your readings and workshops

Adoption Option Guide
A web directory and adoption articles to help you learn about your adoption options.

Adoption Resource Portal
Contains an inventory of articles ranging from adoption dos and don’ts to disappointments you may encounter along the way.

Adoption Scams
A site devoted to adoption fraud and how to prevent it.

Adoptive Families
A collection or articles about all aspects of open adoption from the U.S. predominant adoption magazine.

After Adoption
Resources for those who have gone through the adoption process that provides articles and answers to key questions.

American Association of Open Adoption Agencies
Information by an organization dedicated to promoting and protecting open adoption and the people involved in it.

An Online community for kids 8-14 who are touched by adoption or foster care.

Centre for Adoption Support and Education
A U.S. non-profit group providing education and support for adoptive parents and their children that includes links and a newsletter.

Child Welfare Information Gateway
A U.S. information clearinghouse containing fact sheets on adoption for those just starting out.

Creating A Family
A nonprofit providing education, resources, and support for those touched by infertility or adoption.

Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institution
A report by the U.S. adoption information network that focuses on adoption stability and termination.

Families for Private Adoption
An adoption and support group advocating and encouraging private adoption.

Institute for Adoption Information
A U.S. non-profit organization that demystifies and dispels stereotypes about adoption.

Let’s Talk Adoption
An online radio show dedicated to adoption featuring a certified open adoption practitioners.

My Adoption Advisor
Adoption services that make a difference for waiting adoptive parents.

National Adoption Center
A group made up of all members of the adoption triad that contains, among other things, tips on the 10 steps to adoption.

Open Adoption Insight
A non-profit U.S. organization with resources and support on an array of issues related to open adoption.

Opt to Adopt
A site dedicated to your domestic and international adoption options.
Articles about all aspects of adopting for would-be parents and those who have already adopted.

Parenting After Adoption
Group dedicated to helping adoptive families after their babies have come home.

Parenting By Adoption
Domestic open adoption help and support by a mid-life adoptive mom and adoption coach.

Plan to Adopt
For those deciding to adopt a child or just thinking about it.

The Adoption Guide
All kinds of money and time-saving tips for those just starting out on their adoption journey.

Thinking of Adopting
An online resource run by adoptive parents that explores an assortment of pre-placement issues and concerns.


Open Hearts, Open Minds: Our Adoption Story
One woman’s path to motherhood through open domestic adoption.

Production, Not Reproduction
A mother through open adoption shares her story.

The Chronicles of Munchkin Land
Thoughts by a birth mother involved in a fully open adoption since 2003.


Making Room in Our Hearts: Keeping Family Ties Through Open Adoption
Duxbury, Micky. Routledge, 2006. Based on interviews with over 100 adoption experts, birth and adoptive parents, and adopted children, this book shows how child-centred open adoption works and how you can make it work for you.

Adoption Without Fear
Gritter, James. San Antonio, Corona, 1989. Open adoption stories by parents who experienced them.

The Story of David
Howells, Dion. One family’s journey through open adoption and the healing relationship they had with the child’s teenage mother.

The Open Adoption Experience
Melina, Lois and Roszia, Sharon. Harpercollins Publishers 1993. A guide to the issues and concerns adoptive and birth families face through all stages of the open adoption experience, from making the decision through the child’s growing years.

The Open Adoption Book: A Guide to Adoption Without Tears
Rappaport, Bruce. Macmillan 1992. A guide to getting the most out of open adoption.

A Letter to Adoptive Parents on Open Adoption
Severson, Randolph. House of Tomorrow 1991. An introduction to open adoption and how to prepare for it.

Children of Open Adoption and Their Families
Silber, Kathleen and Dorner, Patricia. Corona Publishing Co. 1990. The effects of open adoption on children, from infancy to adolescence.

Blended Hearts, Broken Promises: An Open Adoption Gone Wrong
Kats, Linda. MileStones 2005. A birth family explains how they were duped and betrayed after agreeing to place their baby for adoption.

Dear Birthmother: Thank You for Our Baby
Silber, Kathleen and Speedlin, Phylis. Corona Publishing,1991. A guide to open adoption that includes letters by adoptive parents and birthparents.

My Special Family: A Children’s Book About Adoption
Silber, Kathleen and Parelskin, Debra. Taylor Publishing 1995. A workbook for children of open adoption to help them understand their ties to their adoptive parents and birth parents. Ages 4-8.

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