Celebrating 10 years, we’re an open adoption platform that helps adopting parents and expectant parents considering adoption connect faster and easier.

One reason we believe so strongly in what we do is because we’ve done it ourselves: We became parents after connecting with our son’s birth parents online through our adoption profile.

Since then we’ve helped other adoptive and birth parents build their families in the same way through independent adoption. 

If you’re trying to find an match without going through an agency, we can instantly help you increase your online exposure and give you more control over your adoption journey.

Even if you are working with an agency, we will build on your agency’s networking efforts and help you reach expectant parents that your agency can’t. 

Because when it comes to finding an adoption match, there’s no such thing as too much visibility. 

Just like you, we want to stand out. Here are a few ways we do that. 

More Exposure On Google

Most expectant parents today begin their adoption journey through online searches on sites like Google. Over the past decade, we’ve built a content-rich site of 500+ pages with articles, information and tips specifically for birthmothers and expectant parents considering adoption. Many of these articles are prominently displayed on Google so when expectant parents click on our articles, they also have access to you and your profile.

More Exposure On Social Media

Social media is one of the most popular meeting places for millennials today. With 20,000+ followers over four social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest), we have one of the largest and most robust social media followings of any adoption site. And because we know that expectant parents on social media every day, we are too.

More Exposure On Our Site

We’re one of the few sites that will put you front and center on our home page. We also have a limited number of profiles that are regularly rotated so you never have to worry about getting buried at the bottom of the pack. And because all of our profiles are on the same page, expectant mothers don’t have to keep clicking to find you. As an an added bonus, we have give you the option of being featured on the inside pages throughout our site (like on the bottom of this page, for instance!). 

More Comprehensive Profiles

Choosing a family to adopt your baby is one of the hardest decisions a woman can make. Birthmothers have told us they want as much information as possible about you, your family, your home, your thoughts about parenting and adoption, and your preferences for a child to help them make their choice. That’s why our profiles have prompts for all of these topics, which you can complete any which way you choose. Expectant parents want to be a part of their child’s future. Those are just some of the ways we give them the information they need to make an informed decision.

More Photos, Fewer Bells and Whistles

Photos are the first thing that expectant parents see when when they view a profile. And sometimes it’s all they need to make their decision. That’s why we give you the option of creating a state-of-the-art photo album with up to 30 photos. It’s just one more way we help you stand out with good old-fashioned online exposure.