The Benefits Of An Online Adoption Profile Service

adoption-profile-serviceIf you’ve finished your adoption profile and are working with an agency or attorney, you may be wondering why do you need an online parent profile service for?

After all, aren’t your adoption professionals spreading the word about your profile for you? What’s the point of having yet another service do it as well?

For one thing, it works. Every year dozens of Americans successfully adopt after finding a match through an adoption profile website.

Online adoption profiles services take your marketing efforts to a whole new level by increasing your visibility online.

More exposure means more leads. And more leads means a better chance of finding a match.

After all, when it comes to getting your parent profile in front of expectant parents, there’s no such thing as too much exposure.

According to a recent study on the internet and adoption by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, prospective birthparents today are bypassing adoption agencies and attorneys and reaching out directly to prospective adoptive parents on the Internet through their personal website or on independent online parent profile services like ours.

Why Prospective Birthparents Look for Adoptive Parents On Online Profile Services

  • They’re not ready or don’t feel comfortable working with or visiting adoption professionals
  • They prefer to speak to the adoptive parents directly rather than go through a third party
  • They have access to a wide, more diverse pool of prospective parents from anywhere in the country

If you’re trying to speed up your adoption journey, going online is one of the most effective and cost effective ways of connecting with prospective birthparents.

Why Hopeful Adoptive Parents Should Considering Joining An Online Adoption Profile Service

  • It gives you a greater sense of control over the adoption networking process and allows you to be proactive
  • It lets you to reach out to prospective birthparents from all across the country
  • It gives you the option of connecting and speaking with prospective parents directly
  • It gives you another way to stand out from the crowd, especially if your profile is buried on your agency’s website
  • It gives you a chance to target expectant parents more effectively through more specific marketing techniques

Online adoption profile and marketing services like ours are designed to build on the work your adopting professionals are doing, not replace them.

Do-it-yourself adoption marketing leaves you more open to fraud. So you’ll still need their help to screen the responses to your profile and to finalize your adoption.

In the end, joining an online adoption service comes down to five things: how much Internet marketing your adopting professionals offer; how proactive you want to be yourself; your budget; your tolerance to risk; and perhaps most importantly, how quickly you want to adopt.

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