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The Benefits Of An Online Adoption Profile Service

If you’ve finished your adoption profile and are working with an agency or attorney, you may be wondering why do you need an online parent profile service for?

After all, aren’t your adoption professionals spreading the word about your profile for you? What’s the point of having yet another service do it as well?

For one thing, it works. Every year dozens of Americans successfully adopt after finding a match through an adoption profile website.

Online adoption profiles services take your marketing efforts to a whole new level by increasing your visibility online.

More exposure means more leads. And more leads means a better chance of finding a match.

After all, when it comes to getting your parent profile in front of expectant parents, there’s no such thing as too much exposure.

According to a recent study on the internet and adoption by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, prospective birthparents today are bypassing adoption agencies and attorneys and reaching out directly to prospective adoptive parents on the Internet through their personal website or on independent online parent profile services like ours.

Why Prospective Birthparents Look for Adoptive Parents On Online Profile Services

  • They’re not ready or don’t feel comfortable working with or visiting adoption professionals
  • They prefer to speak to the adoptive parents directly rather than go through a third party
  • They have access to a wide, more diverse pool of prospective parents from anywhere in the country

If you’re trying to speed up your adoption journey, going online is one of the most effective and cost effective ways of connecting with prospective birthparents.

Why Hopeful Adoptive Parents Should Considering Joining An Online Adoption Profile Service

  • It gives you a greater sense of control over the adoption networking process and allows you to be proactive
  • It lets you to reach out to prospective birthparents from all across the country
  • It gives you the option of connecting and speaking with prospective parents directly
  • It gives you another way to stand out from the crowd, especially if your profile is buried on your agency’s website
  • It gives you a chance to target expectant parents more effectively through more specific marketing techniques

Online adoption profile and marketing services like ours are designed to build on the work your adopting professionals are doing, not replace them.

Do-it-yourself adoption marketing leaves you more open to fraud. So you’ll still need their help to screen the responses to your profile and to finalize your adoption.

In the end, joining an online adoption service comes down to five things: how much Internet marketing your adopting professionals offer; how proactive you want to be yourself; your budget; your tolerance to risk; and perhaps most importantly, how quickly you want to adopt.

Find out more about our adoption profile plans.

Success Stories


“I am happy to announce that we were MATCHED by our agency last week! Thank you so much for the beautiful page that you created for us, but we will no longer need it. When we inevitably adopt again, we will come to you first thing to create this again for us.” Kari and Tom
“We’ve identified a match through a local attorney, and no longer need the online profile.  Your services have been great.  Thank you!”
Rachel and Rob

“Thank you for all your assistance on our adoption journey. This week we have been given the opportunity to adopt a baby boy. Our journey has come to an end and our family is complete.” Mara and James

“We have been matched so no longer need our online profile. Many thanks!” Lizzie and Chris

“We were matched through an attorney! Thank you so much for your help and great service!” Maggie and Curtis

“We matched through our agency. We would like to thank you for having our profile on your website and for helping us out.” Chantal and Geoffrey

“Many thanks. The website link was texted to the birthmother for her consideration.” Genevieve and Michael

“We connected with a lovely woman last Wednesday who was due in 2 weeks and to our surprise she then went into labor the very next morning! Thank you so much for everything, we cannot believe how quickly this all happened!” Kyle and Thomas

“We actually received two great leads from your site. Your site is great and we found it very useful.” Haris and Clay

“We were so grateful to have found America Adopts! during our adoption journey. Of all of the many adoption websites out there, we found America Adopts! offered the most personalized customer service and support and was also the easiest to use and most reasonably priced. We were even happier when after only a few months, our birth mother found our online profile! We now have a beautiful, healthy, happy baby girl and an extended family in her wonderful birth parents! In the somewhat impersonal world of the web and very emotional world of adoption, America Adopts! makes you feel like there are real people rooting for you to succeed. I hope you continue to help many more couples complete their families!” Lauren and Andy

Good news ! We’ve adopted a baby boy! His birth mom found us online however I wasn’t able to ascertain if it was via America Adopts or Ihearts.  But, nonetheless, it was an online search that delivered our most precious son.  Thanks again so much!  This process has been so much more user friendly and simple (especially for the IT challenged!) than any of the other networking websites!!  Just so you know, it was a key factor in us selecting AmericaAdopts and I will not hesitate to endorse this site to ANYONE who asks. Keep up the good work! Jenny and Shawna

“We were very pleased with the service at America Adopts. Getting our profile set up was fast and easy and the customer service is very personal. We were listed for a only month or two before we found a match through the America Adopts! website.” Adesina and Dave

“We just wanted to let you know that recently we matched with a wonderful expectant mom who was specifically looking for a same-sex couple! We appreciate all the help you have given us in our adoption journey. Having the America Adopts! page greatly upgraded our online presence and reach—we are incredibly grateful for that! Even last week we got an expectant mom contact via the site!” Shana and Coco 

“Our profile connected us with an expecting mother. She ultimately decided to parent, but shortly after our profile was seen by a couple looking to donate embryos. This family felt a connection to us immediately. Without our profile, we know we wouldn’t have the family we have today. Thank you America Adopts!” Tracy and Micah

 “After waiting three years to adopt a second child, we turned to America Adopts! to help us extend our adoption outreach. Creating our family profile was quick and easy. Within a few days, we had a beautiful, professionally,  designed parent profile and another tool to help us connect with prospective birthparents. The America Adopts! team was friendly, helpful, and responsive to our needs. Plus, the website contains tons of useful information and resources for adoptive parents, birthparents, and adoption professionals. In November, our dreams finally came true when we adopted a son. We recommend America Adopts! to anyone who is thinking about adoption.” Kip and Steve


“Just wanted to give you our good news, we had a baby girl!! It was a crazy whirlwind, but we have a perfect little girl 🙂 So we are officially off the market 🙂 Thank you so much for all of your help throughout this process.”
— Sarah and Michael


“Lawrence and the team at America Adopts! have been wonderful to work with during our adoption process. Not only have they given us helpful feedback on our adoption materials and profile, but they have also been there with kind words of encouragement and support. We love being connected to the America Adopts! Facebook page and Twitter feed. They are always posting up to date information covering all sides and perspectives on adoption issues. We have learned so much from the articles, blogs, and information that they share.”
— Chris and Amy


“Thanks so much for your WONDERFUL advice. We are making all the changes to our profile that you suggested. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your time and thoughtfulness. And we can’t thank you enough for all your help. You have a great site!”
— Emily and Jonathan


“Thank you to the America Adopts team for all your hard work and helpful feedback. Connecting to America Adopts is one of the best things we’ve done on our adoption journey. We first found America Adopts through your Facebook page and felt so comfortable that we knew this was the place for us when it came to time to expand our presence online. The conversations there are friendly, relevant, and full of helpful advice.Once we reached a particular milestone on our adoption journey, we signed up with America Adopts. It was very easy to work with Lawrence to get our profile online and we were pleasantly surprised that it was such a quick process. Everything looks great and we love it! We knew from our interactions with America Adopts on Facebook that we’d be very happy with the service and we are delighted.”
— Susan and Mitch


I am writing because my husband and I recently adopted a baby boy! Thank you for all of your help along the way. While we did not match through America Adopts, we appreciate the service you provide and did get a few contacts through the website.
– Chris and Dan


“America Adopts! is a great resource for prospective adoptive families and potential birth parents. It’s very user-friendly and information is presented in a way that is reassuring. We are very impressed at all the articles, blogs, and other useful information that are helping us along our adoption journey. It’s a site that is definitely worth checking out. America Adopts! also has a great Facebook page which provides opportunities to exchange ideas and share information. We enjoy all the posts on the Facebook page and try to actively participate as much as we can.”
— Don and Preetha


“America Adopts! is a very professional and helpful site for those looking to adopt. They were extremely patient and guiding as we were new to this journey. We are still hoping for our family to be complete and know that America Adopts! will help us get there that much faster!”
— Jen and Rob


“We’ve found a match! So, we should probably take down our profile. Thanks again for all your help, We will definitely recommend you to other families.”
— Millie and Dan


“We are huge advocates for America Adopts and we regularly recommend it to new adoptive families.”
— Matt and Trey


“We adopted a baby boy! Thanks for all your help.”
— Carl & Greg


“America Adopts! is a wonderful web site and resource for all involved in the adoption process. Whether you are potential adoptive parents or prospective birth parent they can hold your hand and walk you through the process. Within days, we had a perfectly, designed parent profile, album and personal letter incorporated as our pages. Thank you for all your guidance and support.”
— Donna and Al


“I wanted to let you know we matched with a birth mother so you can take our profile down.  Thank you so much for all that you do!
— Rene and Shane

“Thank you so much for your help this past year!  Even though we ultimately did not find a birth mother through America Adopts, it played a vital role in connecting us with the young woman we did find; she and her family looked at our profile repeatedly before contacting us. We will recommend your services to anyone who is trying to adopt.  Thank you again!”

Valerie and David


“The page looks great. Thank you for your feedback! You have been terrific!”
— Kate and Maggie


“Our photos look absolutely gorgeous.  Much better than on any of the other profile sites we’re using.  We are very impressed  :)”
— Sandy and Levi


“Wow! It looks so great and vivid! Such a beautiful layout.  Thank you so much for your work and suggestions.
— Manuel and Michael

Share Your Story With Us


Open adoption can be a beautiful, life-changing experience. But it’s far from easy.

Every journey is in its own way a triumph of courage over fear, hope over doubt, and facts over stereotypes.

That’s where your story comes in. Stories help us make sense of the world and feel a little less lonely.

Hearing how someone solved a problem, overcame an obstacle, or just celebrated a moment can make us feel better, do better, and be better.

If you have an original, unpublished open adoption story that fits this description, we’d love to share it with readers on our blog and our communities on Facebook and Twitter.

Send your unpublished story, or any questions, to Lawrence, our community manager, at info@americaadopts.com .

General tips and guidelines

We’re particularly interested in stories about adopting a baby, placing a baby for adoption, and how to create strong relationships through open adoption.

For birthparents, this could include why you chose open adoption, how you found your baby’s adoptive parents, what were you looking for, and any other tips on how to navigate the process and make your relationship work.

For adoptive parents this could include what drew you to open adoption, how you connected with your child’s birthparents, and any suggestions you have for others who are beginning their journey but unsure about where to go or what to do next.

Try to keep your story between 600-1000 words (more or less or is okay, too, if the story warrants it).

If you have a photo (or photos) to illustrate your piece, please include it.

Send us a brief 1-2 sentence bio and, if you have one, a link to your website, blog or adoption profile.

We reserve the right to edit your piece and title for clarity, length and language. For more details about our guidelines, please read our Terms of Use.

Suggested topics

  • your initial impression of open adoption and how it has changed
  • how you decided that open adoption was right for you
  • the one thing you wish you had known before your started
  • the one thing (or things) you wish others knew about open adoption
  • a particular moment or memory that captures the joy of your experience
  • the biggest surprise or your proudest achievement
  • the best or worst part(s) of the process
  • a challenge you faced and how you overcame it
  • a pet peeve or reaction to a comment
  • a turning point in your journey
  • a myth or a misunderstanding that you think needs correcting
  • tips on handling the wait, or dealing with family, friends or adoption professionals
  • suggestions on how to change or improve the process
  • an incident that taught you something about open adoption or yourself

Some examples

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Why America Adopts!?


As a prospective adoptive parent, you want to stand out from the crowd.

We did too when we began our open adoption journey nearly 20 years ago.

That’s why we created an online adoption profile, which eventually helped us find a match, which eventually inspired us to create this website.

We’re not an agency, attorney, or facilitator. Here’s what makes our profile service stand out from others.

1. More exposure

America Adopts! is the only website that puts your profile front and center on its home page, instantly increasing your visibility and reach. We’re also the only site that puts you at the top of its Facebook and Twitter feeds, which are among the most engaged social networking sites in the adoption community.

2. More ways to get found

We have nearly 500 highly targeted blog posts and articles aimed at driving expectant parents considering adoption to our site and, eventually, to your profile. For instance, we’re ranked #1 site on Google for keywords such as “Birthmother Blogs“Birthmother Websites” and “Birthmother Quotes” and some of our birthmother stories have 15,000+ Likes.

3. More attention to detail

Our design team creates your profile from scratch, allowing you to take advantage of all of the benefits that a hands-on approach offers such as photo cropping and search engine optimization.

4. More affordable

We offer three packages suited to your needs and budget. Compare our prices to other services and see the difference for yourself.

5. More social media engagement

We have one of the most robust and engaged adoption communities on Facebook and Twitter, giving you more ways to extend your reach with prospective birthparents. Take a look.


6. More search engine optimization

Each profile is given a customized title and description (e.g. “Atlanta Georgia Couple Hopes to Adopt A Baby Through Open Adoption”) rather than a generic file name (e.g. “profile2341.html”), allowing you to be found more easily on search engines.

7. More prominence

We post only a limited number of profiles so you don’t to worry about getting lost in the crowd. Plus, each profile is rotated on our home page, regardless of the package chosen. As a result, you don’t need to spend time constantly updating your profile in order to get noticed.

8. More convenience

Once you register and send us your material, we’ll do the rest, saving your time and money.

9. More responsive

Our site is responsive, allowing users to view your profile quickly and conveniently across all devices.

10. More “You” time

Because we take care of everything for you, you have more time to do the things you really want to do.

Sign up for our Adoption Profiles or Writing and Networking services today and experience the America Adopts! difference.