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A Birthfather’s Story

Every adoption involves a birthfather, but not every birthfather is involved in an adoption. In placement stories, birthfathers are rarely referred to. And rarely heard. How rare a voice are they?

Well, the birthfather and blogger known as I Am has done the math. As the only known active English-language birthfather blogger in North America, he estimates he represents one in about 512 million people — 0.00000000319% of the population. Continue reading

A Birthmother’s Advice To Expectant and Adoptive Parents

Haley always wanted to do something related to adoption. Since February, she’s gotten her wish thanks to Adoption: Share the Love, her popular blog and Facebook page that promotes the joy of adoption through interviews with birth and adoptive mothers.

Haley’s introduction to adoption came early. When she was 10, her mother placed her half-brother with an adoptive family. She says the experience helped her see how wonderful adoption could be. But it also opened her eyes to the other side of the process: the pain and the grieving. Continue reading