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A Birthmother’s Advice To Expectant and Adoptive Parents

Haley always wanted to do something related to adoption. Since February, she’s gotten her wish thanks to Adoption: Share the Love, her popular blog and Facebook page that promotes the joy of adoption through interviews with birth and adoptive mothers.

Haley’s introduction to adoption came early. When she was 10, her mother placed her half-brother with an adoptive family. She says the experience helped her see how wonderful adoption could be. But it also opened her eyes to the other side of the process: the pain and the grieving. Continue reading

20 Reasons To Love Open Adoption

Happy Valentine’s Day! Since this is the day for lovers, we figured it was the perfect time to celebrate what people love about open adoption.

Adoptive parents, birth parents, waiting parents, adoptees and adoption professionals–they’ve all weighed in with their thoughts. Open adoption, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Continue reading

Writing Your Parent Profile? Ask Yourself These 5 Essential Questions Before You Start

Starting your parent profile? Good luck! And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Next to word of mouth, a parent profile is the best networking tool you have as a hopeful adoptive parent to connect with prospective birth parents.

And that’s a good thing and a bad one.

Good because your profile could be a game-changer in your efforts to become an adoptive parent through open adoption. Bad because…well, if you know anything about writing a profile, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Continue reading

How My Failed Shopping Experience Could Help Your Parent Profile Find Success

On Friday, I told you about my failed attempt to buy an e-reader. But my experience wasn’t a complete waste of time. After noticing the parallels between my shopping excursion and the experience of writing a parent profile, I managed get a blog post out of it.

Today, I want to return to the subject, although I promise this will be the last time. That’s because I realized that if I thought choosing an e-reader was tough, imagine how a prospective birth mother must feel about having to pick out an adoptive family from what seems like an endless array of parent profiles. Continue reading

3 Reasons Writing Your Parent Profile Is Like Holiday Shopping

I don’t know about you, but once again my holiday shopping plans have taken a turn for the worse. My problem isn’t in finding what I want. It’s in making a decision.

Earlier this month, I set my sights on buying an e-reader. But with so many products, models, and styles to choose from, I got so overwhelmed that I eventually gave up and came home empty-handed. Maybe I should stick to paperbacks, after all.

My shopping experience may have been a bust for me. But if you’re a waiting adoptive parent in the process of writing a parent profile, here are three pointers from it that may be useful for you. Continue reading