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How Not To Begin A “Dear Birthmother” Letter

If you’re trying to build your family through open adoption, chances are you have more than a passing familiarity with what’s known as a “Dear Birthmother” letter.

“Dear Birthmother” letters have been around for as long as open adoption has. Visit any open adoption agency or networking website today and you’ll find scores of them–sometimes dozens, sometimes hundreds–prominently displayed throughout their pages.

First and foremost, a “Dear Birthmother” letter is a a marketing tool–a document written by hopeful adoptive parents like you to expectant parents who are considering adoption for their child.

In anywhere from 500-2000 words, it gives you the chance to paint a portrait of yourself, describing your life, interests, family, home, reasons for adopting and the future you can offer a child. The hope is that upon reading your letter, the expectant parents will connect with you and eventually choose you as parents for their child. Continue reading