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Why We Hope To Adopt

This guest post is by Michelle, a hopeful adoptive mother.

This past weekend, we planted a lovely garden filled with lilies, snapdragons, daisies, English moss and roses of every color at my brother and sister-in-law’s house.

It was just our immediate family, but in the bunch there were six moms supervising, digging in the dirt, telling stories, laughing, corralling the kids, hugging and crying. Each plant was set into the earth with care. Each plant a remembrance.
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Why I Don’t Celebrate Birthmother’s Day

This guest post is by Katelyn at Letters To You: A Journey Through Adoption.

Mother’s Day, for me, is a chance to celebrate the part of my life that few people know about — a part of me that is not visible to those around me. It’s a chance to sit and reflect on the love a mother truly has for her child.

It is a day that I can look to the mothers in my life and recognize what sacrifices they made. Throughout history, mothers have been blessed to raise children, but the sacrifices necessary to make that happen are astounding. Continue reading

A Birthmother On Mother’s Day

This guest blog is by Melissa Nilsen at The Modern Mom: Living Motherhood After Adoption

“If I had two wishes, I know what they would be
I’d wish for Roots to cling to, and Wings to set me free.”
-From Roots and Wings by Denis Waitley


People have often wondered what matters more: nature or nurture. On Mother’s Day we honor mothers for the love and devotion, the nurturing they show their children.As a birthmother, I didn’t stay up at night soothing my baby back to sleep. Continue reading