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Adoptee Blogs

adoptee-blogsIf you have an adoptee blog or know of one that should be here, please let us know.


Adoptee in Recovery
One adoptee’s journey from heartbreak to hope and healing. She also runs a page dedicated to adoptee stories: How Does It Feel To Be Adopted.

Declassified Adoptee
An award-winning blogger, feminist and adoptee shares her thoughts about the need for adoption reform.

Each Day Is A New Adventure
Reflections by an adoptee, who also happens to be an adoptive mother.

Expat Adoptee Mommy
The author of a memoir about about her adoption and reunion writes about her experiences as an ex-pat mother.

From Another Mother
An adoptee and mother describes her thoughts about life and adoption.

Mom On A Mission
An adoptee writes about the best way to go about an open adoption keeping her son’s best interests at heart.

Sea Glass And Other Fragments
A blog by an adult adoptee who is also an adoptive parent in an open adoption with her daughter’s first mother.

Sister Wish
An adoptee who spent many years feeling ashamed and hiding the fact of her adoption opens up.

Today’s The Day They Give Babies Away
An adoptee and mother gives her unique take on adoption and motherhood.

Birth Father Blogs

If you have a blog or know of a blog that should be added here, please let us know.

Am I Father? Birthfathers
A blog for new birthfathers who are looking for information.

Northern Lights
A birthfather and his family who are navigating through an active adoption reunion with his adult daughter share their story.

Statistically Impossible
Observations by a birth father in an open adoption who stuck around.

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Birth Mother Websites

If you have a birth mother website or know of one that should be here, please let us know. Looking to reach more people? Share your story and website link on our blog.


Birthmom Buds
Provides peer counseling, support, encouragement, and friendship to pregnant women considering adoption as well as women who have already placed children for adoption.

[Birthmohter,] First Mother Forum
A place where “first/birth/natural/real mothers” share news and opinions and vent.

Concerned United Birthparents
A group devoted to adoption protection, prevention and reform.

Delivered: My Harrowing Journey As A Birthmother
A birthmother details her experience choosing an alternative option for unplanned pregnancy–adoption

Taken At Birth
A birthmother shares her story of finding her birth son.

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Adoptive Parent Websites


If you have an adoptive parent website or know of one that should be here, please let us know.

Articles and insights into what you need to know if you’re considering a second adoption.

Adoption Learning Partners
Online courses about attachment, grief and loss for adoptive applicants and adoptive parents to supplement your readings and workshops

Adoption Scams
Tips on how to spot red flags and what to do to protect yourself from adoption fraudsters.

Adoptive Black Mom
Reflections by a single black mother who adopted when she was 40.

Adoptive Families
A collection or articles about all aspects of open adoption from the predominant adoption magazine.

Adoptive Parents Committee
A New York-based non-profit group comprised of volunteers dedicated to improving all aspects of adoption and interim care.

Creating A Family
A nonprofit providing education, resources, and support for those touched by infertility or adoption.

Infertility and Adoption
A St. Louis-based group providing support and information to people experiencing infertility and adoption.

My Adoption Advisor
Adoption newtworking and profile services for waiting adoptive parents.

National Adoption Center
A group made up of all members of the adoption triad that contains, among other things, tips on the 10 steps to adoption.

The Adoption Guide
All kinds of money and time-saving tips for those just starting out on their adoption journey.

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Adoptive Parent Books

Real Parents Real Children
Bartels-Rabb, Lisa and Van Gulden, Holly. Crossroad Classic, 1995. Covers the development stages of a child’s life and how adoption may impact them.

The Adoption Decision:15 Things You Wnat to Know Before Adopting
Christianson, Laura. Harvest House, 2007. An adoption educator and adoptive mom addresses the 15 main emotional and spiritual issues adoptive parents need to go through before they begin their adoption journey.

Post-Adoption Blues: Overcoming the Unforseen Challenges of Adoption
Foli, Karen and Thompson, John. Rodale, 2004. An overview of some of the post-adoption challenges facing parents and ways to handle them.

Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families
Johnston, Patricia Irwin. Perspectives Press 2008. A guide on how to prepare for your adoption, including practical advice on what you’ll need to do after you’ve made your decision.

Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections
MacLeod, Jean and Macrae, Sheena. Emk Press 2006. Tips and techniques for parents of adopted children.

Labor of the Heart: A Parent’s Guide to the Decisions and Emotions in Adoption
Whitten, Kathleen. M. Evans And Company Inc. 2008. Using the author’s own experience as a starting book, this book guides would-be adoptive parents through the many stages and emotional impacts involved in the adoption process.

Making Room in Our Hearts: Keeping Family Ties Through Open Adoption
Duxbury, Micky. Routledge, 2006. Based on interviews with over 100 adoption experts, birth and adoptive parents, and adopted children, this book shows how child-centred open adoption works and how you can make it work for you.

Adoption Without Fear
Gritter, James. San Antonio, Corona, 1989. Open adoption stories by parents who experienced them.

The Story of David
Howells, Dion. One family’s journey through open adoption and the healing relationship they had with the child’s teenage mother.

The Open Adoption Experience
Melina, Lois and Roszia, Sharon. Harpercollins Publishers 1993. A guide to the issues and concerns adoptive and birth families face through all stages of the open adoption experience, from making the decision through the child’s growing years.

The Open Adoption Book: A Guide to Adoption Without Tears
Rappaport, Bruce. Macmillan 1992. A guide to getting the most out of open adoption.

A Letter to Adoptive Parents on Open Adoption
Severson, Randolph. House of Tomorrow 1991. An introduction to open adoption and how to prepare for it.

Children of Open Adoption and Their Families
Silber, Kathleen and Dorner, Patricia. Corona Publishing Co. 1990. The effects of open adoption on children, from infancy to adolescence.

Blended Hearts, Broken Promises: An Open Adoption Gone Wrong
Kats, Linda. MileStones 2005. A birth family explains how they were duped and betrayed after agreeing to place their baby for adoption.

Dear Birthmother: Thank You for Our Baby
Silber, Kathleen and Speedlin, Phylis. Corona Publishing,1991. A guide to open adoption that includes letters by adoptive parents and birthparents.

My Special Family: A Children’s Book About Adoption
Silber, Kathleen and Parelskin, Debra. Taylor Publishing 1995. A workbook for children of open adoption to help them understand their ties to their adoptive parents and birth parents. Ages 4-8.

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Birth Mother Books

Confessions of a Lost Mother
Barton, Elisa. Elisa Barton 2006. Twenty years after she placed her baby for adoption, a birth mother answers the question “What was it like, giving up a child?”

Birth Fathers and Their Adoption Experiences
Clapton, Gary. Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2002. Thirty birth fathers recall their experiences and the impact it had on their lives.

Because I Loved You: A Birthmother’s View of Open Adoption
Dischler, Patricia. Goblin Fern Press 2006. The regret and pain a birth mother faced after placing her son for adoption and how she replaced it with love and understanding.

How to Open an Adoption: A Guide for Parents and Birthparents of Minors
Dorner, Patricia. R-Squared Press 1997. How to get the most out of your open adoption.

Following the Tambourine Man: A Birthmother’s Memoir
Ellerby, Janet. Syracuse University Press 2007. One woman’s story on how she went from a protected and privileged childhood to an unplanned pregnancy and adoption.

The Girl Who Went Away: The Hidden History of Women Who Surrendered Children for Adoption in the Decades Before Roe v. Wade.
Fessler, Ann. Penguin Press 2006. Women who were forced to give up their babies for adoption from the 1950s through the early ’70s talk about the choices they had to make and the aftereffects.

I Choose This Day: Mournings and Miracles of Adoption
Fieker, Sharon and Smith, Lori. Tate Publishing & Enterprises 2006. A birth mother looks back on why she placed her baby daughter for adoption and how she and the circumstances behind her placement changed over the years.

The Third Choice: A Woman’s Guide to Placing a Child for Adoption
Forge, Leslie and Mosconi, Gail. Third Choice Books, 2004. A guide for prospective birthparents dealing with the complex issues involved in placing a baby ranging from what to expect during your pregnancy to how to deal with your emotions afterwards.

To Keera with Love: Abortion, Adoption, or Keeping the Baby, the Story of One Teen’s Choice
Heckert, Connie. Sheed & Ward, 1989. The journey of one teen as she goes from a happy and protected home environment to becoming a mother too soon and the decisions she made along the way for herself and her child.

Reunion: A Year in Letters Between a Birthmother and the Daughter She Couldn’t Keep
Hern, Katie. Seal Press 1999. Letters trace the post-reunion relationship between a birth mother and the daughter she placed for adoption 26 years earlier.

Dancing Naked
Hrdlitschka, Shelley. Orca Book Publishers, 2002. Sixteen and pregnant, Kia faces the most difficult decision of her life and realizes that life isn’t as simple as she thought it was.

Soul Connection: Memoir of a Birthmother’s Healing Journey
Hughes, Ann. Otto Bay Books 1999. A birthmother reunites with her son through the help of astrology.

Birthmothers: Women Who Have Relinquished Babies for Adoption Tell Their Stories
Jones, Merry. iUniverse.com, 2000. Birth mothers recount their reasons and the emotions behind their decision to place their babies for adoption.

Thank You Son for Finding Me: A Birthmother’s Story
Kane, Beth. Hushion House 1999. Fifty years after she placed her son for adoption, a birthmother reunites with him.

Blended Hearts, Broken Promises: An Open Adoption Gone Wrong
Kats, Linda. MileStones 2005. A birth family explains how they were duped and betrayed after agreeing to place their baby for adoption.

Motherhood Silenced: The Experiences of Natural Mothers on Adoption Reunion
Kelly, Ruth. Liffey Press 2006.Through their own accounts, this book examines the impact of adoption and reunion on a group of birth mothers.

Twice Born: Memoirs of an Adopted Daughter
Lifton, Betty Jean. Other Press 2006. Life as an adoptee when talking about adoption and one’s birth parents was considered taboo.

Healing the Hole in a Heart: One Birthmother’s Journey into the Adoption Triangle

Mac Isaac, Nancy. Mac Isaac Enterprises 1998. A guide to getting the most out of your reunion and building relationships with all members of the triad.

Surrendered Child: A Birth Mother’s Journey
McElmurray, Karen. University of Georgia Press 2006. In a work of creative non-fiction, a birth mother explains how she survived being coerced into placing her child for adoption and the reunion that followed.

Shadow Mothers: Stories of Adoption and Reunion
McKay, Linda. North Star Press of St. Cloud, 1998. A birth mother tells her story and the story of nine other birth mothers who placed their babies for adoption, and the ups and downs that followed.

Returned with Love: I Gave My Baby Away – A Story of the Pain and Joy of Adoption
Page, Kathryn. Winepress, 2005. The story of one birthparent who turned her life around with the help of religion after placing her baby for adoption..

Cooperative Adoption: A Handbook
Rillera, Mary Jo and Kaplan, Sharon. Triadoption Library, Inc. 1985. A handbook for birth parents and adopting parents on how to build healthy relationships in open adoption.

Adoption and Loss: The Hidden Grief
Robinson, Evelyn. Clova Publications, 2005. How one woman who placed her son for adoption in the ‘70s dealt with her grief and the obstacles she had to overcome en route to her search and reunion.

Saying Goodbye to a Baby: Volume 1–The Birthparent’s Guide to Loss and Grief in Adoption
Roles, Patricia. Child Welfare League of America 1989. Strategies on how to deal with the post-placement loss and separation of your child.

The Other Mother: A Woman’s Love for the Child She Gave Up for Adoption
Schaefer, Carol. Soho Press, 1992. A first personal account by a birth mother on her decision not to parent her child and what others can learn from it.

Dear Birthmother: Thank You for Our Baby
Silber, Kathleen and Speedlin, Phylis. Corona Publishing,1991. A guide to open adoption that includes letters by adoptive parents and birthparents, and between the birth parents and their children.

Adoption Healing… A Path to Recovery for Mothers Who Lost Children to Adoption
Soll, Joseph. Gateway Press, 2003. The emotional, psychological and physical fallout suffered by women who were forced to give up their babies for adoption and how to deal with the loss and pain.

The Birth of a Mother: How the Motherhood Experience Changes You Forever
Stern, Daniel and Bruschweiler-Stern, Nadia. Basic Books 1999. A infant psychiatrist explains the impact that becoming a mother has on women’s lives.

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Adoptive Parent Support Groups

If you have an adoptive parent support group or know of one that should be here, please let us know.


Center for Adoption Support and Education
A U.S. non-profit group providing education and support for adoptive parents and their children that includes links and a newsletter.

Chicago Area Families for Adoption
One of the largest adoption support groups in the Chicago area.

Families for Private Adoption
An adoption and support group advocating and encouraging private adoption.

Institute for Adoption Information
A non-profit organization that demystifies and dispels stereotypes about adoption.

National Adoption Center
Promotes public awareness and recruitment, information and referral and publications for adoptive families.

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Birth Mother Support Groups

If you have a birth mother support group or know of one that should be here, please let us know.

BirthMom Buds
A website provides support and assistance to birth mothers and pregnant women considering adoption.

An adoption-friendly resource for women who have placed a baby and for hopeful adoptive parents, too.

Christian Adoption Services
A support group for all birthmothers and expectant mothers considering adoption from all agencies hosted by Christian Adoption Services.

Concerned United Birthmothers
A national organization focusing on birthparents — on their experiences, healing and wisdom. 

On Your Feet Foundation
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping birth mothers and honoring their decision to place their babies for adoption.

On Your Feet Northern California
Nonprofit organization dedicated to helping birth mothers of adopted children and honoring their loving decision to place their babies for adoption.

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Birth Mother Blogs

If you have a birth mother blog, please let us know. Or share your story with others on our blog.

A 20something birth mother, who placed her son for adoption last September, shares her journey and how she’s learning to love herself again. 

A Birthmom’s Story
 A birthmother shares her thoughts, feelings and insights about her adoption journey and about adoption in general.

A Birth Mother’s Love
A birth mother shares her journey through open adoption.

Insights by a self-described “second Generation birthmom, a birth relative, the first ‘kept’ child of a birthmom and an adoptee’s granddaughter.”

Adoption In the City
Open adoption as seen through a New York city woman who placed her baby with a same sex couple, also from New York city.

Adoption Sucks
A birth mother recalls the pain of losing her child to adoption.

Alice Tells All
A woman who placed her son for adoption because she says it was the best thing for them shares her journey as a birth mom.

All About A Girl
The feelings and thoughts about the effects of adoption by a birth mother.

Amstel Life
A marketing director in Raleigh, North Carolina shares the story of the seven-year-old daughter she placed through open adoption.

Amy S.
The thoughts of a birthmother who placed a child into an open adoption in 2004.

Beautiful Heartsbreaks
A birthmother shares the “beautiful heartbreaks” of her life before and after placement of her baby for adoption.

Being Me
A birth mom in reunion learns about her daughter and about herself.

Beloved’s Adoption Story
A birthmother blog by Cannille, a 20-year-old poet and Jesus follower with a strong love for adoption.

Birthmom Confessionsof
A birth mom describes her journey through adoption.

Birthmom Talks
A birthmother shares her thoughts about adoption loss and other events in her life.

Birthmother–the blog, the book, my life
A birthmother and author discusses her transformation from shame to acceptance, from fear and secrets and lies to truth and courage.

The blog of a mother of two children, one of whom she placed for adoption.

Birthmother Heroes
Offering support to women who have placed a child for adoption.

Birthmother:My Experiences, My Truth
A blog created by a birthmother to educate people about open adoption and birthmothers.  

Birthmother; Reprise
Musing of a birth mom of two boys in a very open adoption.

Birthmother Voice
Open adoption as seen through an author and mother of five children, three of whom were placed for adoption

Blessings in Disguise
Elizabeth blogs about her life after choosing adoption for her daughter.

Bonafide Birthmother
A birthmother with Asperger’s Syndrome who placed three children for adoption shares her story.

Born To Be In Your Arms
A birthmother who recently placed her baby blogs about the double-edge sword that is open adoption.

Coleman Moms and Babes
The official blog of adoptees of the Suemman Coleman home for unwed mothers.

Coley’s Corner
Dishin’ as a wife and a mother of two boys, one of whom was placed for adoption.

Cleveland Birthmother
A 20-something birthmother in an open adoption shares the major landmarks in her relationship, before and after the placement.

Complicated Debbie
Love, laughter and tears of birthmommyhood.

Cruz and Lo
Reflections on open adoption  and life after placing a baby by a self-described “hairstylist, nerd, pug lover, birthmom.”

Diarrhea of a Madman
The story of a birth father and his decision to place his child for adoption.

Embracing the Box With Love
The daily struggle of a birth grandmother in an open adoption and the lessons God is teaching her.

Facing My Own Demons
A journey of self-discovery by a birth mom.

Faith At Christmas Time
A birthmother shares her story after placing her baby for adoption.

For The Love Of Birthmothers
A blog dedicated to serving birthmothers by offering insight, affirmation and community.

I Really Should Be Working
Reflections on being a birth mother – and what being a birth dad should mean.

Infertile First Mom
The musings of a birthmother, former adoption professional and survivor of secondary infertility.

Letters for Brody
A blog by a birthmother who recently placed her baby for adoption, written from a Christian perspective.

Life After Placement
Insights and observations about how to live your life after an adoption placement.

Life is Like
The diary of a birthmother.

Life of A Birthmother
The chronicles of one woman’s life changes since becoming a birthmother.

Little Georgina
A birthmother shares her story before, during and after placement.

Living Though Today
One woman’s experiences as a birth mother.

Mary Reunited
A mother parenting three children talks about her reunion with her fourth, a daughter she placed for adoption years ago.

A birth mom whose daughter has a child of her own discusses the happenings in her family.

Mommyhood Land
The thoughts of a stay-at-home mom who placed a baby and is passionate about adoption.

Motherhood Deleted
The lessons learned by a mother about adoption loss.

A musical first mother’s blog by Kathleen, who has been in reunion with her firstborn daughter, Cathleen, since 1989.

Musing Mother
A birth mother on the impact of losing her child to adoption.

Musings of A Birthmom
A birthmom shares her story and about the unethical adoptions and practices within the adoption industry. 

Musings of the Lame; Life as  Birthmother in Adoption
The online journal of a birth mother devoted to adoption reform.

Mutter and Muse
Muttering and musing about adoption by an adoptive mom after her baby has gone to school.

My Adoption Destination
Jena a birthmother, shares herstory, thoughts and feelings about adoption, life and other things.

My Heart Forever On My Sleeve
Candid thoughts of a birthmom in a very open adoption.

My Inner Fight
Blogging about adoption by a mother of three, one of whom was placed for adoption.

Open Adoption Birthmom
One woman’s journey through open adoption as a birth mother.

Sideshow Barb
The adventures of a birth mother.

The birth mom discusses her journey since placing her daughter for adoption.

Taken At Birth
A birthmother shares the story of her journey to find her birth son, Jamie. 

The Birth Grandma Chronicles
Joy, love, and blessings, in an open adoption, through the eyes of a birthmother’s mom.

The Grace Bond
A birthmom’s journey to embracing grace.

The Happiest Sad
Jill, a birthmother living near Phoenix, Arizona, share the story of what happened after she placed her daughter for adoption.

The Unconditional Love of A Birthmother
The reflections of a birthmother who placed her son in an open adoption nearly 20 years ago.

Therapy is Expensive
The observations of a woman who placed her baby for daughter after an unplanned pregnancy when she was 17.

Three Circles
One woman’s story after she placed her daughter for adoption. 

W’s Birthmom
A birthmom shares the experiences of her placement which went from an open adoption to two pictures a year.

Waiting To Be Told
A birthmother’s inspiring story of adoption, separation, and reunion after nearly 36 years.

We Are Everywhere
Musings by a supporter of natural family preservation and pro life.

Wet Feet
A birth mom dedicated to adoption reform shares her thoughts and feelings.

Adoptive Parent Blogs

If you have an adoptive parent blog or know of one that should be added here, please let us  know.

Adoption Muse
An online journal featuring compassionate dialogue about adoption.

Adoptive Breast Feeding
Breast feeding information and advice for adoptive parents.

Adoption Mama Blog
An adoptive mother shares her love for adoption and Jesus.

Adoption Parenting Blogs
Insights and observations about adoptive parenting from the adoption blog network.

One family story about adopting from Peru.

Anxiously Awaiting Adoption and Life
Thoughts, feelings and random ramblings about life and adoption.

Artificially Sweetened
A blog about the sweet life of adoption.

Away to Me
A journal about thinking and learning about adoption, parenting and life.

Best Laid Plans
An adoptive mother charts her journey from the beginning to the end of her placement.

Blue Collar Adoption
A foster mom muses on her transition to adoption.

Reflections on adoption by a mom of one.

Bumber’s Bumblings
Open adoption as seen through a Christ-follower.

A Christian, wife, photographer and adoptive mom of twins opens up.

Contessa Comma with Shoes
A waiting parent opens up about her journey through adoption.

Debra Shiveley Welch’s Blog
The online journal of an adoptive mom and the author of “Son of My Soul: The Adoption of Christopher”.

Driver Eight
What it’s like to travel along the road of international adoption.

Esperanza del Alm
Thoughts on life, faith and being a single mom through adoption.

Everyday Adventures in Our Life
A Christian mom of two with another one on the way shares the highlights of her life.

Evil Mommy
The not-so-secret thoughts of an adoptive mom who adopted domestically.

Everyday Miracle
An adoptive mother on the making of a transracial family.

Extreme Parenting
A chronicle of life as a large family that includes adoption, special needs and homeschooling.

Becoming parents through open adoption after waiting nearly two years.

Going Back to Square One
A member of the adoption triad explains what it means to be part of the community.

Grow Family Grow
How one family has grown through domestic adoption.

Growing Family
Commentary by a mother of two — one by birth, the other through a transracial adoption.

Journey to Mom
A mother’s journey through infertility, adoption, parenting and faith.

Joy In This Family’s Journey
An adoptive mother in a transracial adoption explains how she survived infertility and found joy in adoption.

Just Enjoy Him
The self-described “ramblings of a mid-life mom” on motherhood, adoption, adoptive motherhood and then some.

Just Mom
An adoptive mom shares her journey to motherhood in order to help bring others to a place of peace in their lives.

Karen’s Calling
An open adoption as seen through alternating columns by an adoptive mother and her son’s birthmother.

Life Unexpected
Observations by a waiting adoptive couple about their journey to and through the open adoption process.

Letters to a Birthmother
Things that an adoptive mother wants a birth mother to know.

Mama C and the Boys
One single mother’s journal of a transracial life through adoption, birth, and chaos with consistency.

Midlife Mommy
Everything you want to know about older mommying, open adoption and hot flashes.

Mike and Michael’s Family Blog
Two dads’ journey to “no” and “stop that”

Mommy Monsters Blog
Inspiration for adoptive and foster parents facing the challenges of daily life.

An adoptive mother of two’s journey to parenthood and the years that follow

Musings: Mamahood & More
The wife and mother of adoptees talks about their journey through open and closed adoption.

My Lovely Crazy Life
A mom of 8, adoptive parent, foster parent, social worker, blogs about adoption and other topics.

Open Hearts, Open Minds: Our Adoption Story
One woman’s path to motherhood through open domestic adoption.

Our Story: An Open Adoption Blog

One couple’s open adoption story.

Ripped Jeans and Bifocals
Post-adoption life and other random topics from the “older mom” perspective.

See Theo Run
Reflections on open adoption and life as a mixed race family.

This Woman’s Work
An adoptive mother and writer shares her thoughts about writing, mothering, and writing about writing.

Production Not Reproduction
The mother of two through open adoption recounts her experiences.

Tears of/and Joy
A working mom navigating through the world of parenting and domestic open adoption.

Two Cats And A Cradle
A waiting parent blog that gives it to you straight – the happy, the frustrating, the ups and downs and everything interesting in between about the adoption process.

An adoptive mother presents “a smudged window on the world.”

Write Mind, Open Heart
A blog about open adoption parenting and mindful living.

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